What's in a name?

When Chase was born a lot went into his name. We wanted a strong name, one that worked for a small child but would also be one that matured with him. We wanted a name that connected to water/sea/ocean since we love being near and/or in water and love warm places. Thus the middle name "bayley". But what you can't choose (typically) is your last name. Your roots, your heritage, your family that all comes with you, no option.

Chase has a project to complete for Music so we set out to dig into CROCKETT - it is a Scottish name. He had to download a Scottish song so he chose "A Begging I Will Go". Next up a food - of course some Scottish Shortbread cookies (so dry). Next up a holiday. Did you know they celebrated April Fool's day by sending someone on a 'fool's errand. (something to keep in mind next April 1st:)

All in all he had some fun with this project now let's just hope the class likes the cookies and his presentation land him an A!

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