The RONNIE show - AM 740

If you are familiar with talkshows, there is a very popular one in our area, WRNR Talk Radio AM 740. Yesterday they had a very special guest - Ronnie!

As most of you know, he is very active in our community and typically doesn't say NO to any request. So who else should promote the Shenandoah Area Council, specifically the Mannahoac District 2009 Food Drive but Ronnie?! Last year was his first year as the Food Drive Coordinator and they were able to meet the goal of over 15,000 lbs. That had never been done before, ha!

This year is another difficult year with our local food pantry in dire need of food. We are raising the bar in hopes of bringing in 16,000 lbs and need all the help we can get. If every family gives one can, what a difference that would make. WRNR is very supportive and allowed Ronnie to talk about the Scouts and explain how important it is to support these boys. Thanks WRNR for allowing Ronnie to be a part of your show!
For those of you in our county, this year's food drive is as follows. We will be distributing door hangers on November 7th with pick up the following Saturday, November 14th. We are asking for everyone's support. If you don't receive a door hanger by November 9th and want to contribute, please contact Ronnie at 304-725-8021. We will pick-up. The best part of our drive is that all the food stays local. Our boys enjoy this annual activity and love unloading all the food at the pantry, they like making a difference!

p.s. Ronnie has already been asked to join the show again next month, promoting the Soap Box Derby so stay tuned :)


  1. Thats awesome! Good luck with the food drive!

  2. I have a couple awards for you. Thanks for being a follower.