It's dinner time....

Thursday has been 'family dinner night' for over a year now.  There have rarely been weeks that we didn't get together which is amazing given everyone's schedules.  Sometimes we eat in....sometimes we go out.

A few weeks ago we went out and these three were perfect little guests -

One was just a little sleepy =)

and by the time we got home the oldest princess was a little sleepy too.  Uh oh....there was homework to do.  

Oh well - she got up easy and ready for Dr. Seuss Day -

AND did her homework.  Easy, Peasy!  LOVE her <3 div="">



Well, you can have one of these -

For just $10 which supports the Jefferson High Baseball team!  Contact me if you want one and you TOO can eat here with a 10% discount -

Which is such a cool place -

with such good food -

and unique 'things' -

these remind me of my Grandaddy Walker -

And even with the 10% discount, you still get your 'local' card punched....pretty cool!

Check out the punches....So send me an e:mail or call me for your card!


St. Patty's Day -

Sometimes celebrating isn't about having a green beer.  Or wearing green beads.  It can also be about celebrating life.  Unfortunately that's how we celebrated this year -

My brother-in-law's father transitioned into his new life last week.  He met up with his wife of many, many MANY years.  So we stood in the cold (24 degrees).  We watched the snow fall.  And we watched the american flag be unfolded, saluted and refolded then handed to my brother-in-law.  

I even was lucky enough to get an orange rose from the casket spray.

It's a day to remember and he's a man to remember.  I learned things about him that I didn't even know.  Very interesting man.  Very intelligent man (I didn't just learn that =).  He was a 'father' to my sister for the past 34 years.  But everything has once again changed.  Once again we say.....things will never be the same.  Life goes on.

So we adjust.  We accept.  It is what it is.

We decided to grab some lunch at a 'local' place in Shepherdstown -

We took some pics while we waited.

Our food was yummy -

And in activities someone forgot to put money in the meter, ha!

Oh well......it could ALWAYS be worse.

I saw lots of celebrations and know lots of people had green beer, green beads and shamrocks were hanging but we wouldn't change a thing about our day of 'celebration'.  Rest in Peace PopPop.  You will be missed.


HAPPY Birthday to you...

HAPPY birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Mom, Barb, Granny....
HAPPY Birthday to you!

We hope you have a great day and love you very much!

Ronnie, Bev, Cierra & Chase


HAPPY 90th Birthday Granddad!

Can't think of a better way to celebrate the big NINE O, lol!  Glad you had a great party and we are sorry we missed it!  See you soon...xo