Meet Me On Monday!

Here's this week's questions:

1. What are you wearing right now?

Welp - believe it or not, I still have my work clothes on. I was later than normal getting home, we decided to meet at the Japanese restaurant then when we got home the kids had to get showers so I'm sitting here in my recliner, laptop on my legs catching up. I wear dresses and tights a lot so that's what I would have on right now =)

2. Do you have any freckles?

Of course! I am honestly not sure where I got them from but I sure do have 'em! I always joke in the summer time, saying if they all run together into one big freckle I'd be really dark, lol!

3. What is your favorite lifesaver flavor?

ORANGE! I had never even heard of these until one of my trips last year. Now they are my all time favorite.

4. What is the last movie you saw in a theatre?

We honestly don't go to the movies a lot but when these movies come out, we definitely go!

5. Would you rather live without TV or music?
Most definitely TV. I have never been a big TV fan but music is a MUST! I don't know how I could commute without music! It puts me in the mood for the day plus lots of times puts a song in my head that sticks all day, lol!

So there you have it! Another "Meet Me Monday" set of questions that lets you learn just a little bit more about me (unless of course you already knew this stuff, ha!).


Note to self....

Don't leave home without my camera!

So, yesterday was our 'typical' Saturday. Slept in, caught up on e:mails, helped out with the Pack 95 Pinewood Derby, shopped then out for an evening of fun.

I almost grabbed by camera as I don't typically leave it behind but hesitated then opted to leave it hanging in my 'cubbie'. I mean really.....what could happen that I would need to take pictures?

Ummmmm......maybe I would want a good picture of this guy that we just happened to be out and about with?
Yep - none other than Chris Cooley and all I had was a little camera that I really don't know how to use very well :(

And of course I had to have my picture taken as well (a few times, lol!)
He was a lot of fun and such a good sport. But since my pictures really don't do him justice, I'll share this one -

So are ya with me now?! You can believe I will always have a good camera with me from now on!


Sign of Spring -

Not flower buds, not warmer temperatures, not longer days, not even birds chirping! What is it you ask? This -
and this guy having a new 'friend' -

and of course, getting to see Karlie =)

This little doe was born on December 12th so now he just has to figure out her name....any suggestions?



Yesterday was President's Day. I took the day off to spend with Cierra and Chase, intending to go shopping and take advantage of some expiring coupons. Little did we know that I would have to 'work ' a few hours intermittently. They were troopers and allowed me to do what I had to do in order to balance work with pleasure. They completely understood that it was a pretty difficult situation and knew this morning I had to leave for work around 7:30 which meant I wouldn't be able to chat with them while they waited for the bus.
Snow came...School cancelled.....so they were in bed when I left for work. Once there, I received a text saying "I was asleep when you left but good luck today". Then I come home to this -
And had my dessert all ready -

Thank you Cierra! Hard to believe this this crazy girl...

Can be soooo thoughtful! Wow....how thankful can I be?! Thanks Cierra!


Pretty in PINK!

A pink bow -

Pink glasses -

Pink boots -

Even a pink crayon -

But not long after bowling, coloring, flash cards and sorting some of Poppy's cars, this little girl was "pooped"!

And after a few minutes of rest she was back at it, ready to go to 4H. Once there and some M&M's ran full force til almost midnight....where do they get their energy?! Such a sweetheart!


Fun nights!

This was our view last night - PERFECT! It was Friday but we relaxed at home and watched the Truck Race. Yep, been a long, long time since Ronnie has watched it from afar but he seems to be adjusting 'wink, wink'. A few snacks and a pretty good race.

And tonight - another GREAT night. We attended the 4H family dinner then on a whim, headed to the track to see J's horse in the 4th race. And oh are we glad!! Regional Expertise pulled it off! Congratulations J (and Ash =)!
Tomorrow should be another fun evening - Daytona 500 "get together" with some friends. We're definitely hoping that two car tango doesn't carry over and we see an action packed 500 miles!


Wow - pretty deep....

Now the question is - Are you ready for a challenge?

Every other month when the 4H Report (newsletter) comes out I grab my coffee and sit in my comfy chair and read. From front to back. This newsletter contains all the dates and pertinent information that we need to know. I update my calendar and leave a copy for Ronnie so he does the same. I check out all the club news and look at all the pictures in search of people I know. This time however I read and then re-read the first page. It looks something like this:

There's Always Room for Improvement

The front page is reserved for a letter from the Extension Agent which we really like. As I read on, he talks about his teaching days and a sign that hung in his classroom. The sign read "Are you better today than yesterday?"

The purpose was to remind his students that every day they should be looking for ways to improve as a student, person, or both.

Now the challenge is for us. As he kicks-off 2011 he suggests that we keep track of our improvements by recording in a journal with that day's date. At the end of very month, each member should look back in their journal and reflect upon how much improvement has occurred. His guess (and my hope) is that we will be surprised to read how far we have come and what all has been accomplished.

Sign me up! I know I have extra journals around for each of them or they can even make their own. What a way to help them grow and understand the importance of being better each day! I LOVE it!

So hopefully I will be able to report back some of the progress that takes place here on our little corner of the world. It would make my heart smile to see their pages covered with progress.....just sayin'!


Wordless Wednesday -

Pictures worth a thousand words......but absolutely nothing has to be said =)


Meet Me On Monday!

Unfortunately due to my travel schedule, I missed participating last week but....I'm back on board!

So - here's this week's questions:

1. Did you get Valentine's Day gifts?!
OF COURSE! It's way TOO early to share too much but yes....I even picked up a special gift for one of my children to give to their 'Valentine' =) Hopefully they will like, ha!

2. What is your favorite topping on something toasted?
I L O V E Cinnamon Sugar toast.....two pieces, lightly toasted with lots of butter =)

3. Do you pick out your outfit the night before?
Ummmmm. YES! 99% of the time I go to bed knowing exactly what I'm wearing the next day. My routine is tight (get up, breakfast for kids and get them on the bus, get ready then land at my desk just before 9:00 (banker's hours)! so as you can tell, it's pretty important that I know what I'm wearing (boots, dress, leggings, jewelry....all of that!)

4. What food item do you absolutely despise?
BEETS! Don't know why....because I honestly have never tried but there's just something about beets that I despise, lol!

5. Righty or Lefty?
Helloooo....Righty! I have tried to do many things with my left hand but it just doesn't work out very well for me, haha!

All of my children are righty, too!

So there you have it! This week's "more than you want to know" questions, lol! Feel free to play along by hoping over here

Scout Sunday!

Today Ronnie's Troop and another Boy Scout Troop participated in the Sunday morning worship service. Each one had a part in the program.

I love seeing these young men speak to the congregation. We even had this pretty little "Daisy" -

Then this evening was the kick-off for our church's youth group! We haven't had one in way too long so we're pretty excited. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come but for now we're just glad to have another activity the kids can participate in and become stronger citizens within our community (wink, wink)!




I shopped, we visited Greg, we ran a few errands but had one goal in mind. Home by 8:10 for the 'kick-off' of the 2011 NASCAR season!

I may not understand football....basketball or even hockey BUT I do GET NASCAR!

11 years ago Ronnie packed his bags and headed off for a two week adventure with my Dad to see the Daytona 500. Each year thereafter that was the pattern. I made my way through snow storms, being a single parent for 2 weeks and being really grumpy when I got the calls that he was in shorts, enjoying an evening out while I'm back home dealing with frigid temperatures, ha!

But.....in 2008 I tagged along. Ronnie, Lyle Campbell and I headed south just before a major snow storm hit home. What seemed interesting was that it seemed like each year the kids ended up not having school for the most part, when Ronnie was gone for the Daytona 500. So....why not just take them out of school and take a chance?! Hmmmmm...

Regardless, it was pretty fun. In 2009 we took Chase and Cierra. Grandma and I took the kids to Disney for a few days which was pretty fun, too.

In 2010 we took Chase and Cierra out of school for the 'big' event! The weather was pretty cool and the race (as it had been for the past few years) had a lot to be desired. So.....this year we are home. Ronnie broke his 10 year run of attending the Datona 500! Wow.

This evening we watched the Bud Shoot Out, chilling out in Crockett's Tavern -

We did see lots of 'two car tango' going on....

and watched a pretty intense race. The track has been repaved....200+ mph speeds.....lots of activity!
But in the end....a surprise win by...
Hmmm....looks pretty interesting so I offered up my 'frequent flyer miles'. But....NO, he wants to stay home. Yep...party in Crockett's Tavern! With that said, we have friends coming over and it will be lots of fun. Right here in the comfort of our own home... =) Guess this will be the 'tell tale' as to whether he goes next year.



Here's some of my secrets to finding 'comfort' when I travel.....

Yep - that's popcorn in bed, ha!

A good book -

I have the Sony Reader but finished up my book over the weekend so reverted to a back-up =)

Some Nancy Grace to fall asleep to -

And....ya'all know how I L O V E crosses. I picked this up in the airport. This is the same store I picked up my cross stretch ring last trip -

Then of course there's this....my all time comfort!

It keeps me "connected' no matter how many miles I'm really away.

All these things help to keep my mind occupied. Unfortunately today all the 'things' in the world can't keep my mind off this guy -

Please pray for Greg....he's going through a tough, tough time right now and needs all the prayers we can give.....we need nothing shy of a small miracle.