Here's some of my secrets to finding 'comfort' when I travel.....

Yep - that's popcorn in bed, ha!

A good book -

I have the Sony Reader but finished up my book over the weekend so reverted to a back-up =)

Some Nancy Grace to fall asleep to -

And....ya'all know how I L O V E crosses. I picked this up in the airport. This is the same store I picked up my cross stretch ring last trip -

Then of course there's this....my all time comfort!

It keeps me "connected' no matter how many miles I'm really away.

All these things help to keep my mind occupied. Unfortunately today all the 'things' in the world can't keep my mind off this guy -

Please pray for Greg....he's going through a tough, tough time right now and needs all the prayers we can give.....we need nothing shy of a small miracle.


  1. We're thinking of you Greg, Donna, and family

  2. I'll pray for Gregg !
    Popcorn in bed while reading a great book is the best :) I love what you picked up at the airport, great finds !!!
    I don't have a laptop, but have thought about getting an ipad !!! There are sooo many nights I'd love to just be in bed and be able to look at facebook or blogs instead of having to sit at the computer desk !!! Maybe someday !
    Hope your having a great week !