Sharpest crayon in our box...

Cierra is definitely our 'sharpest' child when it comes to Math. Ronnie and I always joke about where each of the four get some of their characterists. I can't deny the Math skill comes from him! Cierra does exceptionally well and has been recommended by her teacher to take the Iowa Algebra Readiness test on Tuesday. Good luck Cierra!

Signs of Spring...

green grass sprouting in the yard, buds on our trees, longer days, baseball pants in the wash, cleats by the door and these two faces together. Without a doubt, when the season starts up, these two renew their friendship from the last season. It's always fun to have a couple 'boys' in the house!


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Great food, beautiful weather and definitely a day to celebrate!
I hope you had a wonderful day, I think we all enjoyed the afternoon together.
We love you and wish you many, many more!

Perfect hands...

Those hands that our family has come to entrust with our 'hair' are perfect for little Kayden as well. For the next few weeks Britt will be taking care of Kayden while Mommy and Daddy are at work. It doesn't get any better than that for either of them. Brittany loves spending time with Kayden and knows just what she needs, without a doubt :-) On the other hand, Kayden squirms to get to Aunt Britt when she sees her. So, for now life is good and no worries!


Poundcake or Abercrombie ?!

well, too much poundcake and those abercrombie clothes won't fit but this isn't what you might think....once again today we went lamb shopping and luckily landed on the perfect one. He was born on March 4th. So...the mission began - after googling for a name, Ronnie discovered that General Abercrombie was born on that date. With Cierra's love of designer clothes including Abercrombie, he thought it was perfect. At first, Cierra did too however after consulting with her 'friends' began second guessing. The mission continued - it was discovered that March 4th of this year was designated National Poundcake Day! After much laughter in the house, the name has been confirmed "Poundcake". We will pick him up after Easter and join him with #947 (who by the way is still nameless) in their new barn.

After running around and finalizing the 'lamb' purchase, we stopped at our favorite place to get ice cream - yes, Nutter's in Sharpsburg. They have the best ice cream and it's so cheap :-)


Good night Mommy...

It's late and I can't help but think about Ashley having to leave baby Kayden and go to work tomorrow. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I had to leave my new babies... She's sleeping like an angel and will be so happy to see her Mommy tomorrow afternoon. Have a great day Ashley and don't worry about a thing, she's safe with GiGi!


Baa Baa Black Sheep...

The time has come to once again 'lamb' shop for Cierra's 4-H project. For those of you that are familiar with her situation, you will recall that Cupid was her ewe lamb last year. She was born on Valentines' day and was a wonderful lamb. As the project came to a close and the sale was upon us, Cierra became very upset and didn't want her to be sold for 'lamb chops'. So....her grandfather, Butch came through for her and paid a high price per pound for little miss Cupid. She came home with us and it was agreed that we would breed her in time for Cierra to have her 'project market lamb' this year. All the proper steps were taken and we were told we should have a baby lamb(s) somewhere around March 10th. Life was good.

Or so we thought - Just recently we learned that Cupid is actually not expecting! Back to square one. Today we visited a farm in Jefferson, Maryland in hopes of purchasing a Suffolk lamb. They are wonderful people and very helpful. Based on cost, Cierra chose a wether lamb. As each were brought to her, she carefully inspected and really liked #947. As we began discussing this particular lamb, we learned that he was born on 2/14. How ironic is that!! That was definitely a sign that #947 is the right lamb for her. One other interesting tidbit is that #947's mom's name is Minnie (yes, as in Disney). On top of that, Cierra has decided she wants to purchase two lambs. (with her own money) She does understand that they will have to be sold at the end of the project. Her second choice is Henry. Henry's mom became paralized during the birthing process which resulted in Henry being bottle fed and is now the 'family' pet. He runs around like a little dog.

So, as long as #947 meets the tail docking requirement Cierra plans to purchase him and Henry. We will find out more this week.


Ready for the "RED LIGHT CHALLENGE"?

Tonight was the 4-H annual talent show - after a lot of thought, the club decided to create a skit on the lines of Cash Cab using 4-H questions. What a blast! The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the skit. Cierra was in the first round and had a tough time with questions. We hadn't eaten dinner yet so she seemed to be focused on food! When asked how much it cost to be in 4-H, her response was "it depends on what you want". If you get a plain hot dog, it is $1.50 however if you get it loaded, it would be $1.75. Somehow she was associating it to the 4-H Hot Dog Hut at the Jefferson County fair. We all know it is free to become a 4-Her!

Chase played the perfect role of side swiping the old lady and man with his car. The old lady jumped out and started hitting him with her purse - the whole group chanted "Nationwide is on your side"!

Needless to say they did a great job and everyone was definitely entertained. The car was a nice 'add' as well. Ronnie, Cierra & Chase put that together for the group over the weekend.

Say Cheese....

Everyone in our house has a camera - we just do. No one even complains anymore when I say "ok, group picture" or "look here", it's just 2nd nature. I find it interesting when every now and then I get ready to use my camera and find pictures like this....oh my...

What's really in the 'eye' of the photographer -

I love taking pictures of 'baby' Kayden when we have her. This one gave me the opportunity to test my skill using Photoshop. I'm still on unit 2 of my photography course but definitely making progress!

Every state needs a Geometry Town!

Did we really have projects like this when I went to school?

Cierra worked hard all weekend to put together her geometry town. She is definitely our little 'perfectionist', making sure all the lines were straight and every 'shape' was included. Nice job!

No Gold!

Chase was hoping to bring home the gold at our District Pinewood Derby however fell a little short. He agrees though that 2nd is better than nothing! He was one of two in our Pack that placed in the District race. In years past we have not experienced any of our boys bringing home trophies so that was a nice surprise. Chase's performance did land him in the top 10 of all dens and placed 6th overall. Great Job Chase!


It's hard to believe.....

Kayden Brooke is already a month old, time sure flies! She has changed so much since she was born and is really starting to show her emotions. She has already spent the last two Saturday nights with Poppy and me. We love having her! She also attends church faithfully :-). Aunt Cierra and Uncle Chase enjoy spending time with her also. Then of course there's Auntie Britt - she spends more time with baby Kayden than any of us and we don't forget to tell her!! They go shopping, to dinner and just hang out all the time.

I wasn't sure what it would be like having a granddaughter when I still have 'babies' of my own. Yes, I know Chase is 10 but still....being a grandma is wonderful. Of course there is plenty of joking about spoiling and sending her home but she's such a good baby, no spoiling is necessary. It honestly doesn't seem like that long ago since we were lugging diaper bags, toys, snacks and strollers.

Cierra and I went shopping for some 'toys'. She loves lights and bright colors so the Fisher Price rain forest gym was perfect. She likes the music, lights and toys. She was occupied for hours this past weekend. Of course we also picked up some outfits to keep her 'styling' although Mommy has no problem doing that as well.


Chase just can't seem to get the GOLD...

Chase and Ronnie have been busy these past two weekends with the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Last weekend we had our 'pack' derby and Chase won the Webelos race however placed 2nd in the overall Pack. Today we joined Pack 42 and held another derby. Chase once again placed 2nd in our Pack run. Once both our Pack and Pack 42 completed their derby, the top 2 from each group ran. Yup, you guessed it, Chase placed 2nd in the overall Pack42/95 Derby! He has one chance left - next weekend is the District Derby so we'll just have to wait and see. Just like Nascar, track changes affect the car's performance. Stay tuned for next week's results!