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Hi - welcome to my blog.  I started this blog back in February of 2009 (has it really been 6 years?!) just to capture my life day by day.  Since this journey started I have learned SO much -

I have made 'blog' friends that live hundreds of miles from me.  I have watched some of them have children while others experienced graduations and even some tragedy.  I feel like we live in the same neighborhood.

As for me, I love to make/take pictures.  I love baseball - and everything about it.  i love to read.  I love to ride motorcycles.  I love to sew (although i don't do that much any more).  I have lived within a 10 mile radius my entire 52 years.  ha!  top that one =)  I have experienced hardships over the past few years but have tried to learn from each and every one.  I have learned what true family is.  I have learned what real friends are.  I have learned to accept things I cannot change.

I have been married to my best friend for 23 years (it will be in a few weeks).  I say that with truth.  He knows the good, the bad, the ugly and still puts up with me.  We talk in the morning while having a cup of coffee and at night as we wrap up the day.

We have two children living at home.  Cierra just finished her first year of College and Chase is now a Senior.

I haven't always been a dog lover but for whatever reason a few months ago i wanted a dog.  A little dog.  A Yorkie.  I wanted a girly dog.  One that would sit on my lap for hours.  One that would know when I have a bad day.  One that we could give the best life possible to along with Java and Skipper.  After searching for a few weeks, I found Bella.  She joined us in May and is the very sweetest.  I love her and do enjoy having her sit on my lap while I read e:mails, do work and surf the wide, worldly net.  I do love Java and Skipper too.  They have been in our family a little bit longer and are just a part of the daily routine now.  Bella is still learning the ropes.

If I could live anywhere, it would be somewhere that the sea meets the sand.  Somewhere the sun shines and browns my skin.  Somewhere with fruity drinks and beach chairs.  Yep, that is my dream.  Maybe one day.

I am glad you stopped by and do hope you enjoy 'looking at life through my lens'.  Feel free to stop back frequently and contact me if there is a need or desire.

Thanks - happy blogging xoxo

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