Happy Birthday To YOU...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Ronnie.....Happy Birthday to you=)

I hope you have a wonderful day.....to do just what you want (well maybe some work) and live it up a little.  You deserve a little break, ha!

We love you very much!


Three Months old....

I haven't had her long but she is so sweet.  Bella is now three months old.  She is crate trained, knows her name, weighs 3.25 lbs, is pretty much house broken and had her first visit to the vet.

She loves to travel and does really good being a 'passenger'.  LOL

We took her to Cooperstown, NY two weekends ago and she was the star of the show.  She loves baseball and even has her own baseball bag for all her toys and goodies.  

She slept most of the car ride and adjusted to a different place and LOTS of peeps.  YES, I am pathetic and YES, I think we'll keep her <3>


Lily and Laura =)

NO....I didn't get any new puppies or kitties, ha!  But I did get some new bracelets -

I LOVE these bracelets for a variety of reasons -

  1. They are reasonably priced (always a good thing)
  2. They come in MANY colors (although I picked colors for the JHS baseball team)
  3. Each one comes with a personalized card -

      4.  I love the note on the back -

And most importantly.....they are made in Napal.  I can't help but think of these individuals that have been faced with not one but TWO earthquakes that have taken so many of their family members and friends.  Sad.

If you're interested in buying some of your own, click HERE.  They are great little gifts...enjoy!


Finally -

After a weekend away, Sunday was a beautiful day.  Gorgeous enough to get my bike out....woohoo!

I rode for a little bit (I still need practice =)  then she made the transition from a regular tag -


Love it!  We were even able to put my 'sissy bar' and luggage rack on.  All that's left are the side/saddle bags.  I am excited to ride more (still a little nervous, too).  Tis the season.