20 years

and I have never seen this in person. But sure enough, the day I take off (and my birthday at that!), it comes to town.

I have seen the stagecoach, there's one in our campus in Minneapolis and they even brought the stagecoach to Frederick but without the actual horses. And this time?! The whole kitten kaboodle - wow; impressive!

Sorry I missed it but I am TOTALLY happy that Mendie shared pics with me. I guess there's always a next time, huh?!

We went -

We saw; we left -

Yep, as soon as Karra won the local Soap Box Derby we knew we were going to head off to Akron to experience her CHAMP run but.....we wanted it to be a surprise. I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets so it has been a real challenge for me, for over a month at that, ha! But we did it!

No facebook updates, no 'check-ins', no "see ya there" comments, nothing. Just plain NOTHING about our trip. We left Friday morning, cards in hand for Karra, Ally and Trevor and arrived in Akron a little after lunch. We headed to our favorite Winery there, grabbed a bottle of wine for Jeff and Robin then searched for the perfect 'good luck' present for Karra. Not too big, just very special. Oh my, Ronnie had this idea to get her a small stuffed rabbit - not just the foot but the WHOLE rabbit. So that we did. (of course there's a really funny story but I'll save that for another time). We put the wine, plastic wine glasses, card and rabbit in a bag and headed off to their hotel. We were so excited to surprise them. I had been texting her all day just to see where they were and what they were up to.

Once we make it there and are at the final stop light, sure enough, Robin is at the truck, door open, talking on her cell. We pull into a bank parking lot and stalk. Wait. Stalk. Wait. Finally she's gone in.

Inside the lobby we insist that the front desk clerk call their room and tell them a package has arrived which requires both signatures. (Ronnie had called Jeff earlier in the week and said we were sending a package so it shouldn't be a surprise..) The front desk called them while we snuck over in the dark and waited. And not too long later, we see them....and this is what we got. (yes, very bad pic but I was excited and shook, lol)!

They were glad we came! We talked about their presents, their week, strategy and then headed out. They had planned an early night since they had to be up at 4 AM (sigh).

And today - we were able to share in the excitement of her 'run down' the AASBD track but unfortunately was eliminated (single elimination :( ) But she was ok, knowing she went there a CHAMP and goes home a CHAMP!

We watched the Trevor

and Ally

who were also eliminated so headed back to WV. Now we will unpack and repack heading for next destination......our home for two weeks! ahhhhhh - we're so 'cited!


The past 4 days...

Our alarm clock has gone off a little bit earlier than normal, the house looked the same as it did in the morning when I left, and dinners you ask?! Well....eating was mostly on the run since it was usually really late by the time everyone got home and settled. But it was all for a pretty good cause (wink, wink).

Ronnie was Tournament Director for the 14Y State Tournament which was held at Summit Point and started on Thursday. With that said, pretty much if I wanted to see him, I had to go here...

where it looked like this before EVERY game!

It was a family affair with Cierra 'announcing' -

Chase did help out in the concession stand some (didn't get any pics) and helped Ronnie when he needed something....

And Ronnie - the 'official' score keeper - responsible for tracking every single move, whew!

The first chance I had to experience this event was Saturday....so just like the others, I got up bright and early to be at the field by just before 7:00 AM. Wow - there's a lot of work that goes into a State Tournament. I learned how to use this

and even 'announced' some but ugh! I was not a happy camper =)

I saw lots of these unpackaged -

And today, well Kayden and I were able to hide for the morning, getting there after 1. Just like all the other days, things were in full action and wow - the bracket is just about filled up!

But the cutest thing was when Cierra was announcing and Kayden heard her through the speaker. She looked at the 'box' and said "Cierra in there", lol! She is just something else!

And tomorrow?! Well that's the bitter sweet ending of a GREAT tournament! All of the teams and many fans commented on how well the tournament went and how well it was overseen. Surprise? Nope...now keep in mind that it took MANY people to pull this off but from my perspective, I wouldn't expect anything less. We all know that when Ronnie commits to something, he gives it his ALL! (very lucky for me, huh?!)

So GOOD LUCK Augusta and Vienna - both teams have done a great job getting to the final Championship Game!


Happy Birthday Ashley!

We hope you have a GREAT birthday and love you very much!


Free Advertisement!

Yep! That's what I told this place!

Last Friday was our second visit and needless to say, we LOVE it! The owner is very personable (actually sat with us and chatted for hours).

The entertainment is pretty good as well -

And the atmosphere - relaxing, wonderful, quaint;

someplace I would like to spend every Friday night =)

And the 'behind the scenes' stuff...very interesting -

So...if you're looking for a place to 'land' tonight, come on out! Here's their link just in case you need it! And...who knows, if Ronnie's tournament ends in enough time, you just might see us there, ha!


Life is short -

We hear and say that all the time but it hits just a little bit harder when it's someone that just seems way too young to die.

Our community faces yet another loss - this time someone I went to school with, shared the same graduation day with, walked down the same halls and sat in the same lunchroom day after day after day. We weren't what I would consider best friends, some days we didn't even talk. We didn't spend the night at each other's house, and didn't even share our teenage secrets but whenever we were organized by alphabet, Theresa and I would be together; by default; but still together.

What's more important here is that what Theresa went on to become to so many children (and adults) within our community. She was a best friend and school mom to many. I even have the honor of saying that she looked after all four of my children as if they were her 'school' children. Many, many of us can certainly say this. I remember when Kayden was born and the children were late getting to school, she didn't care - she just wanted to see a picture! Cierra and her became really close when she worked in the office, she talked often about the things they chatted about =) And for Ronnie and I, it was rare to go into the school and not see her smiling face. I'm sure EVERYONE feels this way.

On Friday night when we were trying to figure out where to go, we heard the call on the scanner. It sounded bad and the road was shut down. Our instinct was to go in the opposite direction. We did, and shortly after we were on our way, Cierra called, asking where we were and where 340 South was. Once explained she said she just wanted to make sure we didn't go that way. A few hours later, another call from Cierra. Unfortunately this time she was very upset. She had seen on Facebook that Mrs. Shillingburg was in the accident and didn't make it. Wow. Suddenly our mood changed. We went through the motions of eating but somehow wanted to be home with the kids. Ronnie talked to Chase who said he couldn't believe it. He had never experienced someone dying that he saw every day. Now that's from a child that typically shows no emotion.

Once home, Cierra broke down. She couldn't get herself under control and we understood. I think she stayed up all night on FB, just reading, commenting and trying to make herself believe it was real. It's tough to see your children go through life's events sometimes. It just seems like it has been non-stop between students, teachers, friends.....yes, Life is short.

Theresa - Rest in Peace (Paradise as Cierra says) and know that you are truly missed and Wildwood Middle School will NEVER be the same. God has another perfect angel but we're still dealing with the loss.


Wooly Wednesday.....

Yep....that's wool!
It's been PRETTY hot here this week and we were getting just a little worried about Reba and Opie so we called a friend =) He came....and sheared......

and sheared...

and sheared...

and Reba was happy! A little bit of hay and life's really good.

Even Opie got a haircut -

And we just continue to learn.....once sheep get to be a year old, their wool stays together (see above =) when they get sheared. Opie's on the other hand (since he's only 4 months old) just cuts into pieces. Hmmm..

Now these two are a lot cooler just in case the temps continue to rise!


Tie-dye Tuesday!

Cierra LOVES to tie-dye shirts, pillow cases, shorts and just about anything she can. Just before 4H camp each year we're always out and about, searching for those perfect items that come home with 'special' needs, lol! (washing and drying separate the first time around =)

So last week she decided to try making Kayden a couple shirts...

and itt all appeared to be 'just perfect' but for some reason, they didn't turn out like she wanted. But, she never gives up, getting new stuff and tried again. The results this time?! Too Cute!!

She totally loves doing things for this little princess!

And I think this little Princess loves hanging out with her, too =)


And they're off.......

that's right, these two cars have been impounded and are on their way to Akron, Ohio, all safely snuggled in the trailer. It's about a 6 hour trip, one way......up and back; same day. But it's all worth it from the "Race Director's" standpoint because two weeks from today, both families will be heading there for an action packed race week!

I remember last year when Ronnie and Cierra made the run with the winning cars. It became 'real' that we would be heading there again representing our local race. It's a long ride but I'm sure Jeff and Ronnie have lots they can talk about =) Be safe guys and we'll see you tonight, ha!

The All American Soap Box Race is such an exciting time for all the children that race. We'll be back here cheering Trevor and Karra on, that's for sure!


Happy 4th of July

We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.....enjoy!