Do you hear that?!

No?! Well, sorry for your luck, lol!

For the next few days I can listen to the ocean waves 24/7 if I chose. And right now, it's dark, in the high 40's but we have the door open just so we can hear the waves crashing. LOVE it! Ronnie and I aren't the only ones lovin' life right now though....we brought along the 4 C's -
That's right, Cierra, Courtney, Cam and Chase are going to ring in the New Year in OC, too. While we're partying with some friends they will be partying it in the hotel =)

We arrived to a warm welcome -
and if I must say so myself, the beach is lookin' pretty festive!
We're looking forward to a great weekend and a Happy New Year!


By chance......

Each Christmas Eve we do something different as far as dinner. This year we chose Red, Hot and Blue but the closest one now is about 40 minutes from us. Ronnie didn't seem phased by having to make the trip on Christmas Eve so I ordered.....

Mid morning we headed to the grocery store then over the mountain to pick up our food. Ronnie has always followed the Redskins so thought it would be a good idea to take a few minutes and check out Chris Cooley's art gallery.
They had a game on Saturday so the chances of running into Chris were pretty slim. We hit the door and started checking out his pottery but right before our very eyes who should appear (no, NOT Santa) but Chris Cooley himself!!! Yay us =)

Of course I had my cameras and there was no hesitation to take advantage of this photo op, ha!
And we had to get Ronnie's jersey autographed,
pick up a few items then off we went, VERY happy that just "by chance" Chris was there!


Merry Christmas....

from our family to your's!


Christmas Eve - Day 24

And the stockings were hung by the 'window' with care....
And Santa has already been here because the 'hanging canes' are already on the tree...(they will forever be 'hangy canes', thanks to Kayden...)
So Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good night =)

Christmas Countdown - Day 24

It's December 24th which means the Christmas celebration begins..   Food, family, fun.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve!


Merry Christmas Day 23

Countdown - Day #23

For YEARS we have heard the story where a couple goes into a restaurant (I think Waffle House) on Christmas Eve and whoever their waitress is, they give $100 as a secret santa; christmas angel; blessing.  I have always loved this story.

Tonight, we went to Knob Hall with some friends and ended up at TGIF's.  Our server was great.  Friendly.  Personable.  Accommodating.  And the secret word was 'kids'.  She told us she has two children and she wanted to make Christmas special.  That's all it took.

For once, we were able to pay our normal 20% tip and on our way out, slip her an extra $50 and say "Merry Christmas".  That in itself made me smile.  

No pictures.  Simply thoughts tonight and I love it.

Christmas Countdown - Day 22

Procrastinator...Yep, that's me. But I do my best work under pressure =) I LOVE Christmas and honestly, we have been ready for nearly two weeks. There was one request though that I waited and waited and waited. And because I had never done it before, I decided to take a trial run....
ta da! and my camera strap is already in use....
Of course I learned a few things I would do differently but all in all, pretty cute!

Christmas countdown!

We're getting there - Day 21! Just four days left...and even Rudolph needs something to help cope with the stressful times, lol!
Actually that's probably not very nice but just had to share. Ronnie has been wanting some moonshine and some friends of our's came through. And what a cute bottle....an upside down pig. The distillery is in West Virginia - Fairmont. So if you're looking for just the perfect gift for that difficult to buy for person, who wouldn't want some moonshine?!


Countdown to Christmas - Day 20

Sunday was 'cookie baking day' and this little baker was the best!
she made sure we had all the right stuff....
added at just the right time...
and filled the pan up perfectly!
but I think these were her favorite!
and sprinkles?!  never enough!
But if she had to pick a job....I'm thinking she wants to be one of Santa's helpers  bakers =)
Regardless, this is definitely a new ANNUAL event, ha!  Such fun!


Unexpected gifts....

On this 20th day of Christmas I want to share the gift that was waiting for me yesterday at work -
and I was totally sad surprised, happy, excited; tons of emotions went through my mind. You see for as many years as I can remember, the week of Christmas I always got a box. Just like this one. Full of delicious chocolates. Made just for me (and a few others). I was always so excited and was known to eat the whole box by myself; the same day I received, ha! And when I did, a few pieces would be snuck shared with me so I could take them home to Ronnie. So why would it be different this year? Well, because Greg left us 8 months ago. (has it really been 8 months?) And even after 8 months, the office still isn't the same. But today, the Christmas candy memory became reality. At this time of year it has to be tough for Donna yet she somehow found a way to make us smile.

I guess you could say this little box was 'heaven sent'!
So thanks Greg (and Donna)......may peace be with you this holiday season. You will never be forgotten.


Christmas Countdown - Day 19

Bells will be ringing....
and feet will be tapping -
and our hearts smiled as we watched Kayden's first Christmas Dance program. She did an awesome job! We even got to see some 'performers' that we haven't seen in years. I'll save that for another day.


Christmas Countdown - Day 18

All hearts come home for Christmas.  Perfect for today.

Pastor Joanna spoke to the children today about Mary.....Mary had a little lamb and it's fleece was white as snow.

Well, that's not necessarily so about this lamb -

Wow! Reba looks different;  just a little thicker, ha! She's been with the Corbett's since September when we took her there to be bred. We got the 'all clear' a few weeks ago that she could come home as she was confirmed pregnant. Woo hoo! Looks like we'll be having a lamb or multiple lambs in February/March which means we have a lot of preparing, and reading to do between now and then. Definitely exciting!

I was happy to see that she is still photogenic =)
So welcome home Reba! Just in time for the holidlays.


That's ALOTTA lights!

On our drive home last night we drove through a local development to check out some lights.  WOW!
I'm thinking these folks are definitely in the holiday spirit, huh?! They even have the count down to the second.....
Happy Shopping to those of you that will be out and about on this LAST weekend =)



Just ten days til the big day! Oh my.

Thursday nights are always fun for us.  It's actually Ronnie's "Friday" so there's no rushing.  It's usually a pretty relaxing night and what we consider the 'kick off' to the weekend.  Tonight was no different.

While Kayden was visiting Santa -

we were at the Old Opera House experiencing "It's a Wonderful LIfe". What a great story -
Oh how I love this time of year..... I love the countdown to Christmas and all the excitement.  And it's the ONLY time secrets are allowed =)  But honestly, it the little things that actually make it all worthwhile. It's things money simply can't buy.

So, you gotta listen closely - and don't worry, there's no picture.

I think you'll agree that this is PRICELESS. Kayden loves to sing but doesn't like getting 'caught', lol! This will definitely be something we will look back on year after year!


Just a 'funny'!

During the holiday season I spend my evening 'travel time' with John Tesh.  I learn something new every day.  Seriously.  He is just such a cool person.

Yesterday he spoke about those of us that save for the future (or those that don't).  He said research has shown that those that can 'see' themselves 20 years from now tend to save more.  He even went as far as to share a web-site that would allow us to actually 'see' our 'aged' self.  Of course I had to write it on the palm of my hand (because that's where I take my best notes, lol) but then forgot about it.  And, tonight as I am catching up on e:mails, FB and blog updates I remembered, ha!

Here's the site:
www.in20years.com and here's my picture.....ewwwww
Not so sure I will save more but it did make me stop and think.  And oh, by the way......happy day 14th of this count down to Christmas =)  We are in day 2 of the Twelve Days of Christmas!


On the 13th day of December....

I am thankful -
That Chase's visit to the ER wasn't as serious as it could have been -
Yep, sounds like him and a soccer ball at school didn't get along too well yesterday and we originally thought it was a stubbed toe but.....late last night it wasn't looking too hot so off to the ER Chase and Ronnie went at about 10:00.

When they arrived back home after 2:00 this morning with his toe/foot wrapped, crutches and a confirmed broken toe. Hmmm. I guess it could have been worse, right?!

Well.....just last Sunday this bat was swinging as baseball kicked off with some 'off season' conditioning.
But he's determined to participate as much as possible next Sunday =) He LOVES baseball and I'm thinking 2012 is gonna be a great year for that =)


The countdown continues...

Just 13 days til Christmas?! Oh my. Tonight was the 4H party. Games were played, gifts exchanged and yummy snacks shared. What fun. It's almost as if the feeling of Christmas was upon us in a matter of minutes. And, sometimes it's the smallest, most simple gift that wins the heart.....and what other than a usb tree?!
I loved it and had to borrow,  just to light up my little corner of the room =) It was one of Chase's gifts but somehow I'm thinking it would be a perfect 're-gift'...yeah!

Speaking of hearts - this is Cierra's art project. She is very creative and artistic....which is why just maybe, she will be the perfect pastry chef one day!
And the countdown continues....time is ticking away! Some presents arrived today and they were quickly wrapped and placed under the tree. I'm down to just a few more things which feels pretty good....


On the 11th day of Christmas...

Our son (and 'daughter-in-law') gave to me.... One perfect angel =)
and what fun we had today, spending some 'quality' time. Christmas is such a fun time with a two year old (well almost 3)!


On the 10th day of Christmas

We spent the evening in Frederick.... gathering "Toys for Tots",
listening to Christmas Carolers,
laughing really hard at OJ,
checking out the 'human' Christmas trees -
and just basically following Phil from the morning show's lead from 4:00 p.m. til mid-night -
Another fun night with Becky & Jeff and Kim & OJ....laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Gotta love evenings like this.