A week already?

It doesn't seem like it's already been a week since we were on the 'Jersey shore' but it has been!  So here's what we did the last day we were there.

Once Cierra heard we were camping in New Jersey, her head went to "Jersey Shore".  She LOVES that show (a long with a few others in our family =).  She asked what our schedule was and if we would have time or even be close to Snookie's house.   I went right to MapQuest and sure enough, just about 12 miles away was 1209 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights.  Needless to say, she was very excited to learn that we could go there on Saturday.  The weather was once again beautiful....sunny, 60, not a cloud in the sky.

Ronnie Googled the address and found that there seems to be some controversy over the exact address.  Some say 1209 and 1215.  He decided to go with 1209.

Our first indication that we were in the right area was the water tower -

Then the sign -
we headed 'right' -
and then from the back seat I hear not Cierra, but CHASE - he said "THERE IT IS!". Totally cracked me up that he was as excited as Cierra.
Cierra knocks -
and Chase tries the door -
and eventually come to terms with no one being there, ha!
so we took some pictures and I listened to the kids talk about the show, where things took place and how it felt really cool to actually be on the same porch. They talked of the hot tub and deck where fights took place -
and even called about renting this house -
and found out that for $15,000 they could 'live' here from Friday to Monday. Yes, fifteen THOUSAND. I'm thinking just a view of Snookie's house is more reasonable, haha! (and they even have "clean" rooms!
We eventually make it up to the boards to visit the store where these girls/guys work -
And $100 plus later, Cierra now can dress just like they do =) She was one happy girl.
Well, I guess they all were -
even the 'rents, lol!

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