Just ten days til the big day! Oh my.

Thursday nights are always fun for us.  It's actually Ronnie's "Friday" so there's no rushing.  It's usually a pretty relaxing night and what we consider the 'kick off' to the weekend.  Tonight was no different.

While Kayden was visiting Santa -

we were at the Old Opera House experiencing "It's a Wonderful LIfe". What a great story -
Oh how I love this time of year..... I love the countdown to Christmas and all the excitement.  And it's the ONLY time secrets are allowed =)  But honestly, it the little things that actually make it all worthwhile. It's things money simply can't buy.

So, you gotta listen closely - and don't worry, there's no picture.

I think you'll agree that this is PRICELESS. Kayden loves to sing but doesn't like getting 'caught', lol! This will definitely be something we will look back on year after year!

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