Hot, Hot, H O T!

That's exactly what it was this weekend for the Pinnacle's baseball tournament in Herndon. We DID survive though =)

Overall the team didn't do so well but...Chase did hit his first home run. He has hit some 'in the park' home runs and grand slams but never actually hit one 'out of the park'. So....woohoo Chase! (he didn't want to look too excited, lol!)

When he wasn't batting, he played his 'usual' position - love it when the dust flies out of the glove, haha...
We also had a special fan. Yep, Greg came all the way from Frederick to watch Chase play. Pretty cool, huh?!

It's ALL about us today!

I love the song by Lady Antebellum "When You Got A Good Thing" - the words are so fitting for us because we truly know we 'gotta GOOD thing'.

We "celebrated" our day Thursday since we knew this weekend was packed with baseball. And..we have a new tradition - we were treated like 'royalty' and were presented with this at the end of our evening....So Happy 18th Anniversary to us! We are definitely "holding on tight" and we honestly LOVE the ride!

I had to share this photo....it is just too cute - as you can see, I'm the only one looking at the camera and I love the happy faces on the other two =)


Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

We hope you have a wonderful day!

Unfortunately the most recent picture I have includes Chase - sorry about that!!


Another memorable week!

Ronnie and I arrived at Camp Frame today in time to witness the final activities - the last "mail call" for the week
then lowering the flag....some of the campers were very sad to see the week come to an end.

Chase and Cierra seemed excited to see us but really had a great time. It makes me smile to see the two of them together, making new friends and learning new responsibilities. Sigh....

Cierra learned to tye die....We were able to share in the final tribal circle then helped them pack up and say goodbye to some they won't see until next year and maybe some they will never see again. (Chase does have a girl's phone number written down the inside of his arm in red permanent marker, lol) But....they are already talking about next year =) Yay!

They both love Natasha....and Natasha loves Chase, lol!Chase and Garrett got along pretty good as bunk buddies =)
So....see ya next year, CAMP FRAME!
p.s. Cierra did tell me that some of Chase's clothes ended up in the "Lost and Found Cabin" but he quickly said "Yeah BUT I got them back", lol!


L O V E her!

can you blame us?

Completely out of Character....

for me to buy $10 in candy at Sheetz but I had a special request!

yep! I received a text to "please send candy" so I went to Sheetz then the Post Office and this is what Cierra and Chase should have received today:thank goodness it's almost Friday, lol!


Wordless Wednesday?

Not quite because I have something to say, ha! Ya'all know I LOVE baseball/softball and a friend of mine sent me this picture of her little girl. I just had to share! Doesn't the picture just say it all? That look of determination is the best!!


Camp Week - Day 2

Quiet evening at home.....nice bottle of wine
sparkling blue water...
Spicy Mango marinaded pork chops..
fresh asparagus...
Life is good - wonder what Chase and Cierra are up to?

Some place new....

Our tradition continues - when the kids are away at camp, we try to do something 'different'. So - we headed to a restaurant in town that has been there a while. Some friends told us it was really good so we decided to give it a shot....It is very quaint and the food was great! Guess this one gets added to our 'local list', ha!

I really wanted ice cream but we decided against it. But....after showers and we were actually ready for bed I decided I really needed some ice cream. So, Ronnie was a real trooper; got up, dressed and drove me to Cone Zone. Luckily I called Jennifer (the owner) to make sure they were open and she waited for us =) The funny thing is the restaurant and ice cream place are in the same parking lot, lol.

But...the best part about today is when 'mail call' happens at camp these cards will be delivered to Chase and Cierra. They LOVE getting mail =)


It's CAMP week!

Wow, what a difference a year makes! This year the bins were packed with minimal help, loaded into the car and they were ready to go.

Cierra had plans to bunk with two friends so quickly made her way through check-in to 'save two spots'.

Chase on the other hand had no plans but gathered his stuff and headed off to his cabin. Looks like he's hooked up with one of the Camp Counselor's again this year =) He didn't even want me to help make his bed but I did anyway.
He was already attending the first camp meeting.....

Love the shirts this year -They can tye dye them if they choose....
I signed both in and left them behind for a week of fun. Whew - check out the schedule: I did manage to get Chase's attention before I left (I whispered "I love you, have a good week") he really did want to smile, lol!I am so happy they are a part of the 4H program - this is just one of the ways they learn to grow.

And then of course, camp wouldn't be camp without Natasha and Cassie =)
Spotted this on the way out - The Lost and Found Cabin - I'm sure something of Chase's will end up there, ha!Mean while...back at the ranch, steaks are marinading and I'm sorting through piles of papers that have been calling my name for weeks, lol. I'm thinkin' it's gonna be a quiet week here on the corner.


Happy Father's Day!

From Boy Scouts, to 4H, to baseball to Soap Box Derby, to dance, to cheerleading, you are or have always been involved in everything your children have been a part of. So for that....here's your day!
Thanks for all you do, ALL year through. We all love you very much!

But wait.......can't go without saying Happy Father's Day to my Dad!!
I hope you enjoy your day today!


Receiving end...

I don't typically post about myself but....I spent the last few days hereOk, I was a little sick....and needed some special treatment. But...I had the honor of receiving this! Our Cub/Boy Scouts and 4H group frequently make cards to take to the sick at hospitals and nursing homes. This time I was on the receiving end of a card made by a 3rd grader at one of the local schools. How sweet?!

I also received this from all my wonderful friends at work -It is nice to be home now and I promise to listen to all the special 'orders' I have. Thanks for all the prayers and get well wishes. I'm certainly on the road to recovery =)


A farm girl's toy

A new toy has arrived on the farm and as you can see, Cierra is pretty thrilled!
This is Grandma and Butch's latest purchase but Cierra is taking full advantage!


Pretty feet!

These little feet were in the pool for hours today and ended up 'all shriveled' up....
but it didn't take long for the girls to 'pretty them up', ha!And now it's bath time then Good Night Moon! =)Gotta rest up for church, Arts & Crafts then POOL! Yay!



Just a quick update but......Chase is the 6th Annual Ray Miller All-American Soap Box Derby Super Stock winner!!More will come but I just know you all have been waiting (wink, wink) for the results. As most of you know, he was the 2008 Stock Champion so this is the next division up.

We are very proud and he will once again be heading to Akron, Ohio to participate in the National race.

Can't forget to mention that this little girl hung in there ALL day long!