Bella Skye.....

For those of you that 'know' me, you 'know' I am not a dog lover.  I'm ok with them but hasn't traditionally been my favorite pet.  Java came along from Santa years ago and then we adopted Skipper two years ago.  Skipper is a Yorkie mix and an adorable, rotten, bossy dog that we Love, love.

Here's Skipper when we got him -

He was so little.  And now he's grown into a very interesting little furry child.  Full of energy, a little on the bossy side and truly looks like a Yorkie/Daschund mix and we would't trade him for any amount of money (although I almost gave him away shortly after he came to live with us, lol).

Ok, so Skipper has somewhat turned me into a dog/furry child lover.  Without saying any more, let me introduce you to this cute, adorable, lovable, beautiful little girl -

Very similar to Skipper, huh!?  She joined our family on Wednesday of last week.  She is doing great!  Just wimpers a little when put in her crate.  Does her business outside.  Sleeps good.  Travels well.  Her name is Bella Storme.  Bella because she is a girly puppy and the first we will train with the bell. And Storme because the day I went to look at her, it was thundering and stormy.  She was born on February 8th so will be 3 months in a week or so.  She is truly adorable.  xoxo


You COULD be a winner =)

All while supporting the Jefferson High School Baseball team....yay!

We are selling only 1000 tickets.  They are $25 each.  This is for a 2015 Sportster 1200 - Custom.  The drawing will be December 13th at the Rotruck/Sager Field building.

When you decide to purchase a ticket =)....please contact Ronnie @ 304-997-0023.  He texts all the time.   If you want a particular number between 1 and 1000, we can try to get that for you.  Some tickets have been sold but we all know some folks have their 'lucky' numbers.  We are trying hard to make this a huge success, this is a pretty big deal and the first of this nature we have coordinated.

THANK you ....THANK you for your support.  And Good luck!

We will also be at Grove's on weekends.  They are great and easy to work with.  This past Saturday Chase had a game so Cierra and Blake got set up and filled in until we could get there.  Very much appreciated!

If you're familiar with Grove's Harley Davidson of Winchester, VA, come out and support us at their weekend events.  It's always a fun time there.



We hope you have a wonderful day, doing just what you like =)  A full day of school (hehe) AND a game doing what you LOVE.

We love you very much and are very proud of you.

xoxo - Mom and Dad


Wanna guess....

what I did all day?

Well.....I saw a beautiful sunrise -

I was surrounded by this 'stuff' -

Yep!  I was in a meeting all day.  It was a great meeting and I actually had the honor of helping coordinate and plan.  

And look - a new pen.  Yay me....I love pens.  And a pad of paper, too =)

I 'dislike' seat assignments - hehe so made a slight adjustment...

And just before bed?  Well it is that time of year, ha!

Then it's time to finish the day with happy thoughts.  This is a really 'happy' book.  Something I picked up in Myrtle....

Good night y'all.


Days of Randomness -

Warning - There is no rhyme or reason to the next several days of posts.  I am going to cover the highlights of our Spring Break in Myrtle Beach but not in any specific order.  In a nutshell, we had a great week.  Lots of good baseball.  Lots of sunshine.  Good times.  Period.

Some of our fav foods of MB are....

Hungry Howies - love the Asiago crust =)

Krispy Kreme - love to heat them for 10 seconds in the microwave -

A new place we found -

Pretty good Sushi.  Nothing beats Sake yet but this was ok -

But.....who goes to Myrtle without stopping here?!

 Not us....that's for sure!

These are just a few of our 'go to' places.  There's a few others I will share but do you have a favorite restaurant in MB?


I need to....

do lots of things.  Update my header for Spring.  Provide my 'followers' updates from Spring Break.  Post new things I have learned.  Prepare for my business meeting to which I am headed.  But instead of all that, today I will just keep it simple.

I will  remember my Dad and post the last picture I have of him in our home.  The picture that so many now have from the obituary and 'card from Eackles'.

It just doesn't seem possible that two years ago today he left us.  It was a beautiful day just like today.  I still miss him as much today as I did two years ago.  Rest in peace Dad and know that I think of you every day.


Spring Break -

Our Spring Break started on Friday with our first stop being Hurricane, WV to play two baseball games.  Chase went down on Thursday but Ronnie and I couldn't get away until Friday.  We drove for over two hours only to get back into West Virginia, lol.

We spent a few minutes walking around the Welcome Center and had a little bit of fun =)

and had a little bit of fun =)

We even now know where to go when we hit the lottery, ha!

Then back on the road in the rain -  The game at 3 ended up getting moved to Saturday morning which meant we would play two games then.  Chase had a little mishap at the hotel -

which meant he needed a new phone.  Aren't cell phones the same as oxygen these days?!  An absolute must.  He took it upon himself to go to the Verizon store and work out a deal.  I do have to say they were awesome!  Ronnie and I stopped there first to thank them and upgrade my phone since I was due and it was causing some problems.  We left there with two upgrades and an iPad, paying $45 and a monthly bill that is still about $40 less.  Like I said......everyone at this corporate store was awesome!

According to the employees at Verizon, Fat Paddy's is the place to get a good burger.  And to be even better, it is in the hotel parking lot.  The buffalo chicken dip, onion rings and burgers were perfect.

Then off to bed since we had to be up early for the games since we were playing some top teams in the State.  Hurricane is number 1 and the defending 2014 State Champs.  Wheeling Park I think is #5.  Whew.

We arrived at the park with the sun shining and the field of turf gorgeous.

And the Hurricane family?!  We were greeted with coffee and donuts then fried chicken, pork bbq, desserts, salads.....a full meal was provided for ALL.  Definitely a first class event.

Our team played tough and pulled off a win - 5-0 against Wheeling Park.  The second game was a little harder but again, Jefferson won 4-3.  Wow - against Hurricane.  That was a great win.  Two great wins.  It's always nice to head into an 8 hour drive with wins.  That puts Jefferson with a 7-0 season so far.  Pretty Cool.

And also pretty cool was to hear Chase's name called as they listed the starting players for game two.

He has had to work hard to play.  While it's difficult to watch as a parent, having to work for something you want really bad makes it mean so much more.  We are very proud of him to say the least.

And then south bound we went.  Somewhat of a caravan - Garmin says we will arrive at 11:03 p.m.