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This is something I just had to share.  I have been in my sewing room for just about every night and weekend for the past month.  It's peaceful there.  It's a perfect room with blue skies (walls) palm trees, my beach chair, a bottle of wine (all on the walls hehe).  I love it and am very blessed to have a husband that could build and create this world for me.

I just signed up for another class at Wilsons's and the kit is by Shabby Fabrics.  Well, the website is addicting.  There's a really special story about Jennifer - she was a commercial pilot that was furloughed after 9-11.  She decided to do what makes her happy and is very, VERY successful.

I made one quilt/blanket, six stockings, three pillows and one tree skirt as gifts this year.  I already have several things on my 'to-do' list as well.  Sewing is definitely one of my happy places and this explains a little bit of 'why'.  Enjoy....


Tis the season....

for packages to arrive -

And today two came....yay me!

A friend of our's is now a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard.  WHO doesn't love having a friend like that?!  We have a party scheduled in January but in the mean time, we just had to try out some of her wines -  and they came today....

We didn't actually open a bottle yet but I am lovin' the anticipation =)  and you too can have your own personal wine guide - Check her out HERE

and then - have you heard of Style dots?  Well I hadn't but another friend has hooked me up.

You just snap on whatever you are feeling for the day and have fun.

My Life -  Wine glass, Cowgirl boots, Palm tree, Cross.  All wrapped up in this little bag.

Check Denise out HERE

Perfect packages for a Tuesday....



It's been a long time coming and very stressful but today is the day that one lucky winner will take this beauty home.

The drawing is at 3 -  ticket sales until 2.  So if you want to come out and support this awesome baseball team with these state championships -

COME on out!  We have some desserts to share =)


One PROUD Momma (and Pappa)!

Cierra has been working hard as a full time student at Blue Ridge.  It's a small, 2-year school.  She has truly LOVED it there.  Everyone is like family.  She has made lots of friends of all ages and your advisor has been awesome.  She knows most of the staff on a first name basis.  One of the perks of a small school.

When she texted us a letter she received honoring her on December 9th as the Outstanding Student of the Semester for the Education Program I can't say I was surprised but very honored and excited for her.

So on Wednesday we attended -

Just listening to the stories of these students confirmed our initial thoughts of Blue Ridge.  Just an awesome school.

When it came time for Cierra to be presented, listening to the description of her advisor and then her 'pervious advisor' that is on maternity leave was overwhelming.  What a role model she is.  What an awesome student she is.  What an awesome individual she is.  How very proud we are.

I could tell she was very appreciative and somewhat humbled.  But when President Checkovich started speaking about the overall Outstanding Student of the Semester, he glanced at Cierra.  The more I listen, the more I know it was her!  WOW.  Her eyes welled up with tears but she gathered herself together for a picture.

or two -

but even better was the conversation she had with the President afterward.  One-on-one.  Very personal.  He told her to let him know if she needed a letter of recommendation or ANYTHING.  Priceless.

Of course we had to get some pics with the celebrity, too =)

I know she will be an awesome teacher some day -  Here's what she had to say:

As I told Brett (my advisor) and President Checkovich, if Blue Ridge was a university, I wouldn't think twice about studying all 4 years there. It is truly one big family; I have never loved a school more than I've loved Blue Ridge. It doesn't seem real that next semester is my last semester with all of the wonderful role models I have encountered over my two years of studying. The staff and instructors at Blue Ridge have done nothing but motivate me to be the person I am. I am incredibly honored to be the Outstanding Student of the Education department, as well as the Overall Outstanding Student of the Semester. Don't think I wasn't overwhelmed with tears of joy when Dr. Checkovich looked directly at me when giving his speech for the Student of the Semester. Here's to becoming the best educator I can be 📚🍎



OK, as promised (at least to Nanny) I have to share Paint Nite.  I will admit, I was a little skeptical.  I am not artistic.  I cannot paint.  I don't follow directions well.  Add all that up and geez......disaster.  But....NOPE.  The ladies that entertained us for the evening knew just what to do.  Here's some pictures -

The set up -

My set up -

My tools - 3 paints - White, Black, Blue.

Daddy Brush, Momma Brush, Baby Brush

My comfort zone =)

Here we go!  First step - make a white circle -

Then the Daddy brush goes into the blue -

And I followed directions the best I could -

Maybe a little distracted by my partner, Lisa and Mary hehe

But - I did it.  Step by step -

And I even got to shop a little -

Lovin' my new Style Dots -  Even purchased a few presents.....

And then the final pics with my JHS partners -

but all in all............

I can't wait to do it again.  Ronnie would love it, too.  We just need to find the right venue.  If you haven't done it.  DO NOT FEAR.  If you have....you know the feelin'.  So much fun!


Happy Birthday....

to this sweet, beautiful little 3 year old!  We love you very much -

I hope you have an awesome birthday!  xoxo Gigi


Special. Fun. Memorable.

That's exactly what today is.

First - It's Wednesday.  That 'middle' of the week day where we have almost made it over the hump =)

Second -  I am just a little proud but I actually MUST take 1/2 day off today to celebrate this -

Hi Cierra,

You have been chosen as the recipient of the Outstanding Student of the Semester for the Education program - Congratulations!  

Student honorees from all academic programs will be recognized on Wednesday, December 9th at the Student Awards Ceremony.  The ceremony begins at 3:00 p.m. and will be held in room 1101 at the main campus.

Yep - very proud of Cierra!  She goes to school full time, works 2-3 jobs (depending on when she is needed), is an awesome Aunt

and has a the perfect boyfriend (who we love, too)

So, with that said, Congratulations Cierra -  I am very happy to miss an afternoon of work to celebrate this accomplishment.  Good for you!

AND.....I have been wanting to do this for a very, very long time.  I have tried to convince Ronnie to go with me (and he has agreed in the right venue) but finally......I am going to Paint Nite.  So, check back!  I promise (yes, NANNY), to post my picture.  It should be interesting since I cannot paint.  I am not artistic.  I am ADHD =)  


It's a yearly event!

And Saturday was an awesome day for it!  Sunny.  55 degrees.  I even had a 'buddy' -

Ok, so she took a little nap, ha!  She was awake shortly after the fire trucks made their debut and then enjoyed the entire parade.

She helped decorate this beauty (well kinda) -

And time is running out....the drawing takes place on Sunday.  Wonder WHO will win this 2015 Harley-Davidson Throwback '72 Sportster???  Do you have your ticket yet?

Kendall and I enjoyed the parade from our 'chairs' and I didn't realize it was her 'first'.  Woohoo!  She thought it was cool to see Cierra -

And then little Miss Brooklyn - waving just like a princess -

And then the baseball team.

Of course I have a favorite player =)

I wonder what she was really thinking, lol.  A lot of our family was in the parade....even Poppy!

And then the grand finale' - I told her she would see Santa!

All these things keep happenin' so it really is coming =)