Well, not quite but not too bad for my first try!

With Kayden turning 2 Ashley wanted a shirt that she could wear on picture day that was black, pink and zebra. Knowing that I stress out when I am doing something for someone else, I tried to stay calm and plan, prepare and think of everything. Luckily Ashley found the shirts at Walmart for $3. Hmmm a few of them just in case =)
I found the fabric at Joann's. Ok, I really only need a little tiny bit but a yard sounds good, lol!

Now - what's next?!

I turn on my Cricut and chose the font. Trial run -

Ok, looks like the right size...now let's cut the fabric 2 -

Now, let's applique the 2 onto the shirt -

ok - not too shabby!

The next step is to embroider KAYDEN onto the shirt. I didn't take pictures step-by-step of this but once the shirt was hooped, the tricky part was angling it on the slant.....I DID IT! and it does look pretty cute if I must say so myself....What do you think?


Slight change -

For the past two weeks Ronnie has been coordinating a group of couples to go see Andy play here -

The plan was for 6 couples to leave around 4:30 p.m. in the "PARTY BUS" and head over to Mt. Airy, Maryland. As the time passed, six couples went to five and then the final count soon became four. With that in mind, he worked with the limo company and locked in their "white stretch limo". All was good -

On Wednesday our weather quickly became a factor when 11 inches of snow fell, leaving the our area with a lot of piles looking like this -

Regardless, the party must go on, right?! But on Thursday we learned that one of our 'groupies' was sick. :( Hmmm do we search for a fill in? Nope, they were still game to go. Becky was looking at 24 hours of good meds and rest but was committed to the night.

The day came. Did you notice how the vineyard looks like it is sitting in the middle of a field? Right - so the limo company called the vineyard to ensure he could get in and get turned around. She was assured it was good although we may need to walk down from the top of the hill. Let's think about that, lol.

Then one of the stops in Bakerton was pretty treacherous. Ronnie took that route on the way home from Frederick and determined there was no way the limo could make it down there.

So...since we truly believe everything happens for a reason, we decided to "postpone" our limo excursion. But.....there were four of us that still wanted to go. It took a little over an hour to get there. Once we turn into the lane of the vineyard we all four quickly realized that there was NO way the limo could have safely made it in. Better yet, we actually got stuck and had to push not only our car out but also another guy (which we later learned was Andy's bro-in-law).

Gee - look how different the place looks.

Then we make it inside. BEAUTIFUL! A warm fire-

the place is packed and Andy is doing what he does best!

Now it's time for the 'tasting'. Jeff, Robin, Ronnie and I are SO much alike....have SO much in common.....and seem to ALWAYS agree =) So our first choice was this one -
We typically opt for white but over the past few weeks have become fans of some red's. Not yet a fan of Merlot, though. We had some snacks.

Then grabbed a bottle of Syrah. Pretty good, too.

Whenever we go to The Main Cup we always reserve the 'couch'. Once inside last night we spotted this -

but it was taken! We joked about 'stalking' so we could have our normal space but opted to chill out at a table nearby. Later in the night the couple left so without causing too much commotion, we gathered up all of our stuff and made our way there (*heehee*)

Oh, and did I mention John McCain was there?!

Just kidding but he really did look like him, huh?!

The night wrapped up which meant it was time to head out. Wow...I see car lights that appear to be stuck. And, the road is really icy -

and sure enough we had to help push this car out

We helped them then they helped us. Back on the road we go.

Heading into Frederick in search of a restaurant we noticed a car weaving all over the road. At one point Jeff passed them and we noticed a car seat in the back. Now I'm worried because obviously the driver is very drunk. Then, right before our very eyes is a Maryland State Police officer on the side of the road. We pull over and Jeff approaches the driver's side. Oops....somehow we missed that there were five other police cars across the road at the liquor store. Seems there had been an armed robbery and they were investigating. The officer did say he would radio ahead and alert someone of our concern. A few more miles and then we see this -

You got it! The wreckless driver has rear-ended a van. Wow. Luckily no one was hurt and we could see the little girl in the car seat. She appeared to be fine. Ronnie called the police and they were on their way.

Geez - pretty exciting night so we decided to get some breakfast
and recount the night. Shew.....

So after a page of writing, we definitely made the right decision about the limo, had a great, adventurous evening and even after three weeks in a row with Jeff and Robin, we're already planning next week (*wink, wink*). With stories like this, there should be tons of couples that would love to go with us, lol! How was your evening?!


The PARTY bus....

Plans have been underway for a while to take this....

to see Andy play at the Black Ankle Vineyard tonight. So stay tuned for more info on how the evening went.....


Happy Birthday - ZANA!

With the recent snow, we have the pleasure of having this 'young lady' spend her birthday with us!

Cierra made her some cupcakes - even drew a really cute 'heart'. Gee....wonder where she gets that talent, lol!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZANA! Thanks for letting us share in your fun!

Worth gettin'....

For those of you that know me, you are fully aware that I hate getting the mail! A few years back we had a 'cluster' mailbox for the development and it was pretty common for me to get nasty notes from the mail carrier to clean out my mailbox!!! Many times you could visibly see envelopes sticking out the slots, lol!

Then.....we moved to individual mailboxes. So what would make the mail lady think I would change my habits just because the box was different? Nope...with the front and back door on the box, the back door could be seen pushed open with all my 'stuff' in there =)

I have tried to assign this as a chore for the kids but they must be like me - they don't get it either. The other day I had to actually mail something so was FORCED to open the box. I pulled out the pile and put it on the floor on the passenger side. (I am NOT a stuffer so don't put it on the dash *laugh*) . While stopped at a light on my way to work I looked down to where the pile and shifted and noticed this...

So of course I grabbed it and stared. Right before my eyes was the button I designed for Chase's Akron Soapbox Derby trip! Wow!! Pretty cool.

Badge-A-Minit e:mailed me a few months ago and asked if it would be ok. They were looking at several and weren't sure but wanted to make sure it wouldn't cause any privacy issues, etc. Well - looks like they decided and he made it!

Regardless, I was glad for once, that I GOT the mail!


here and there -

Yep, I am in Minneapolis again this week and believe it or not, the weather is relatively calm. Cold but calm. Back at home though, Kayden is out having some fun -

While I would be enjoying some Sushi - Nope, never had before and you can go ahead and laugh - but my new boss is determined to expose us to some 'adventure'. This determination landed us here -
eating this -

which actually was pretty good.

But...it would be really nice to be here...in my own little corner of the world.
Tomorrow.....just sayin'!


I have been traveling a lot lately. Tuesday through Thursday. Every other week.

Over the years traveling has gotten more tough since there is always something going on.....4H meetings, birthdays, Talent shows, church meetings (you get the picture) - plus I just plain like to be home. But - it has gotten a little easier with this one "in charge"...

Cierra has always been more mature than her age but over the past year, she has started keeping things in order - her room is always clean (at least for the most part), her laundry is done, chores such as making tea, unloading the dishwasher and feeding Java are done. She even jumps in and helps Chase keep his room straightened up and includes his laundry with her's. Wow...that has helped out A LOT!

So now when I travel, I don't worry about what I'm coming home to, although Ronnie has always done a great job, because I know she has kept everything together and made sure everyone does what they are supposed to, meals are fixed and the house is kept straight. I L O V E it!

So - here's to you Cinderella! Thanks for helping me out =)


Cold but pretty -

It's been pretty cold here lately -

a little bit of snow here and there but Mendie and I decided to take the plunge and head out to get our LONG overdue pedicure. I haven't had one since October due to my whole 'foot' issue so it felt so good to sit back and have someone pamper my tootsies =)

Of course once we finished up we just couldn't put those old socks and boots back on, right?! Right! So we headed back to work looking like this.....

We definitely got a lot of attention and it didn't help that we were carrying our boots through the building but, it was Friday! Doesn't anything go on Friday? Just in case, I did let my new boss know that if someone sent him an e:mail thinking I had gone crazy I hadn't, lol. He of course just laughed - he thought it was actually warm here since back where he calls 'home' it was 14 below, brrrr!


What a PARTY!

Yep - it was a DORA kind of day =)

Cakes -

presents -

cards -

even a new Jeep, wow!
But you have got to check out the new Uggs!

Are they just too cute?! Without prompting, as soon as she opened the box, her old 'cheap boots' (as Mommy said), came off and these went on, ha!

Kayden had a great party - she was so excited. Dora, Dora, Dora everywhere!
She is just the sweetest little girl, ever!


The house that built me...

I'm kind of in a 'mood' today. Nothing bad, nothing too good just a mood, lol! But as I was downloading some songs from the list that I have been compiling for a while I listened to Miranda Lambert's "The house that built me". So......

I sat and thought about the house that built me....I lived here from the time I was one until 17.

It was HOME. The best story is one that we laugh at quite often. When we moved here, the road wasn't busy, not even marked with lines but one day my Mom was cleaning and looked out the window to see a car (or two) stopped. When she looked closer, I was in the road, ha! I was just little and of course my Mom would never have intentionally left me unsupervised....let's just say I was a wanderer! Anyway, can you imagine that happening today?! I survived and all is good.

But, when I was a Sr. in high school we moved here -

just back the lane from my first house. It was never 'home' to me. So, after I graduated, I moved out. Into an apartment with a friend and never went back. Of course I have had my struggles and challenges but luckily never had to inconvenience my parents by moving back in.

I tell the kids often that I used to walk to school. I think they do believe me but here's my school. Ironically, my parents bought it and turned it into apartments.

This is the little store I used to ride my bike to every day. Penny candy at it's best!

So as I sit here and think about all the people close to me that are dealing with medical issues and tough times, I'm thankful for the house that built me. I learned a lot about life under that roof. Tough times, definite challenges, many babysitters while Mom and Dad worked two jobs but that will always be my "home place". I don't even know who lives there now but I wonder what they would think if I knocked on the door and asked if I could come in. Wouldn't take anything but memories......

Happy Birthday Kayden!

Wow - 2 years old!

Wasn't it just yesterday you looked like this?

and then this?

Have a GREAT day - We love you very much!


Game night!

I totally L O V E it when the kids and us play games. Tonight was "game night" so we started off with Crazy 8's....Cierra won =)

With the snow coming down pretty steady outside, we moved to JENGA...oh my.

You start out with 18 rows and shoot for 36. Once we got to 26, they all swore that we would be eating dinner after my turn. Well....NOT.....but this is what it looked like after Ronnie's turn -

But....it's all good =) and it is SO much fun!