Well, not quite but not too bad for my first try!

With Kayden turning 2 Ashley wanted a shirt that she could wear on picture day that was black, pink and zebra. Knowing that I stress out when I am doing something for someone else, I tried to stay calm and plan, prepare and think of everything. Luckily Ashley found the shirts at Walmart for $3. Hmmm a few of them just in case =)
I found the fabric at Joann's. Ok, I really only need a little tiny bit but a yard sounds good, lol!

Now - what's next?!

I turn on my Cricut and chose the font. Trial run -

Ok, looks like the right size...now let's cut the fabric 2 -

Now, let's applique the 2 onto the shirt -

ok - not too shabby!

The next step is to embroider KAYDEN onto the shirt. I didn't take pictures step-by-step of this but once the shirt was hooped, the tricky part was angling it on the slant.....I DID IT! and it does look pretty cute if I must say so myself....What do you think?

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  1. Bev, you did a fabulous job :) She is adorable and the shirt she's sporting is adorable too ! Maybe if I paid you you'd make one for our little grandson who will be turning 1 in April :) I'm serious ! I know your busy schedule and all it may not work ! No problem if you can't :)
    I love it !!