Memories -

My mom has always been pretty "crafty" - I remember when once a month a little box would come and she would be so excited! It would be the "Craft of the month". She would open it, study the directions then get started. She was always able to make whatever it was alone. I NEVER recall her asking my dad for help. Wow - I don't read directions and ALWAYS ask for help =).

But....each year at Christmas she would come up with something creative for a Christmas tree. One year she spent HOURS wrapping a bare branch with cotton. Yep - COTTON! When she got finished, it was white like snow and she hung pretty blue balls on it. She even had one of those 'white cotton' tree skirts. It wasn't very big/tall but I obviously remember it.

The snow we got this past week was really heavy and stayed on the trees for a while. On Friday while driving to work I noticed this...and had to turn around and get a picture. I apologize up front for all the 'stuff' in the background but it SO reminded me of Mom's Christmas tree, ha!

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  1. Looks very pretty covered in snow! The things that bring back memories. lol