2012 Tree Lighting -

It's true, there IS definitely something magical about NYC and Christmas.  It's my Winter Disney.  I LOVE it.  I so wish I was there.  Maybe next year, right?!

I am following suite and lighting my trees when Rockefeller Center lights theirs, ha!  Mine don't touch theirs....kinda missing some ornaments  -

but the show from New York?!  Well, it was AWESOME -

All four of us watched and Rod Stewart brought back tons of memories for Ronnie and I (since that was our very first concert almost 22 years ago =)

And the GRAND finale?!  Just PERFECT and what a way to kick off this very special holiday season.

And now we're watching SNL - Not thinking this will be nearly as 'touching' as the previous show, haha!

I hope you are 'kick' startin' your holiday season, too!  Enjoy!



It started with a letter -

ensuring Cierra would be attending =)

And then the event came -

It was like any previous Achievement Night.  The Market Goat awards -

Then the sheep awards -

And then all the special recognition.

Those of you that know me, know after a while I zone out.  I get fidgety and don't pay close attention, ha!  So when Locke Wysong started introducing the next award winner.... I was listening but not really listening.  But then... some of the qualities started sounding familiar.  And that's when it hit me.  He was talking about Cierra and it was for the Citizenship award.  Wow!

Receiving the Citizenship award is definitely an honor and we are very proud.

And she was very appreciative of these special guests taking time out of their busy schedules to attend, too.

This award allows Cierra to take a trip in July to Washington, DC for a week.  From what we understand, it's an opportunity of a lifetime and an a life changing event.  Awesome!


Our 'thankful' day -

It was somewhat different. Quiet. Relaxing. Filled with our traditional Macy’s parade, lots of yummy food and football.  With no need for an alarm, we were up in just enough time to catch the news before the excitement began.

There’s just something about the start of the parade. I so wished we were there again this year.

And every time I see a cheer/dance group, it takes me back to what first started our desire and connection to this fascinating city and the parade of the year that ultimately kicks off the season for us.  It doesn't seem like nearly ten years ago that Brittany participated in this parade.   Where have the years gone?!

So for the majority of the three hours, we were glued to the tv. It’s great because all of us were entertained. I love making a difference and establishing traditions that I think will continue through their years.  And I swear this is the same Santa from last year...

But, soon enough it was time to start the meal prep. Cierra was a great help. She started with the dessert, ha!

Then moved on to the green bean casserole and stuffing –

Then the sweet potato casserole

She left me in charge while her and Chase went to dinner. Somewhere in between, the deep fryer was fired up and the turkey prepped –

Then back to the finishing touches on…dessert

The sweet potato casserole turned out perfectly!

we added some fries to the turkey grease. Another tradition!

I heard Kenny singing at halftime “The Boys of Fall” so I had to snap some pictures. What a fitting song.

And then suddenly the table that started out looking like this –

Ended up like this!


And after dinner?! Well some silly shots =)

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   I guess the holiday season has officially begun and as I reflect on this year, I have to wonder what the new year will hold.  I am certainly praying for one with less adversity, more simplicity and the strength to believe what I say all the time....."everything truly does happen for a reason".

I will leave you with this -

It sums up my thoughts today.  I don't think I'm alone because I often see sayings on FB and other web-sites about letting go.  Battles can't be fought alone.  Challenges take a team.  Life is a two way street.  It's very, very difficult but in all due time I think eventually we all get to the point where we surrender and realize we can't do it alone.    Some faster than others and for some of us, it's really out of our comfort zone.  I just have to have faith that letting go is the right thing.......


A Week of Thanks...

With Thanksgiving upon us, All Inclusive Expertise, LLC was invited to the Ridge Runner's 4H meeting as a 'thank you' for purchasing their baked goods at the 2012 Jefferson County Fair Bake Auction.

It was great spending an hour with these young folks, listening to their meeting and eating some of their yummy treats =) But most of all, now we have a very pretty, fresh smelling wreath on our front door.

Thanks Ridge Runners!

Oh and I can't forget stopping by Tommy's for some pizza. Boy, that place was the old stomping ground for both of us (of course different years, haha!)


Today my first born turns 29!  It's hard to believe.

Happy Birthday Jeremy - I hope you have a wonderful day!  I love you....


EVERY vote DOES count!

I've never been a fan of politics but I think this election truly matters!  There's so much work to do for our country and we need to make sure we have the right person leading us.

Who will win?!  Not sure but I know there's a lot of controversy out there so it will definitely be interesting.  We are sure to be glued throughout the evening.

So get out and be sure to voice your opinion.   See ya at the Polls =)


It's NATIONAL Scrapbooking Day!

So, for all my friends that are into digital scrapbooking, come ALONG.  It's gonna be an digital kit/scrapbooking kind of day =)

Happy Saturday!  Have fun!


Happy Birthday Britt!

It's hard to believe it's been 24 years since I first held you and hoped for all your dreams to come true.  My oh My!  How you have grown =)  
I love you and hope you have a wonderful day.