2012 Tree Lighting -

It's true, there IS definitely something magical about NYC and Christmas.  It's my Winter Disney.  I LOVE it.  I so wish I was there.  Maybe next year, right?!

I am following suite and lighting my trees when Rockefeller Center lights theirs, ha!  Mine don't touch theirs....kinda missing some ornaments  -

but the show from New York?!  Well, it was AWESOME -

All four of us watched and Rod Stewart brought back tons of memories for Ronnie and I (since that was our very first concert almost 22 years ago =)

And the GRAND finale?!  Just PERFECT and what a way to kick off this very special holiday season.

And now we're watching SNL - Not thinking this will be nearly as 'touching' as the previous show, haha!

I hope you are 'kick' startin' your holiday season, too!  Enjoy!

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  1. I watched the tree lighting too ~~ And Rod Stewart is my FAVORITE !!!! I've never been to a concert of his but would love to !