Our 'thankful' day -

It was somewhat different. Quiet. Relaxing. Filled with our traditional Macy’s parade, lots of yummy food and football.  With no need for an alarm, we were up in just enough time to catch the news before the excitement began.

There’s just something about the start of the parade. I so wished we were there again this year.

And every time I see a cheer/dance group, it takes me back to what first started our desire and connection to this fascinating city and the parade of the year that ultimately kicks off the season for us.  It doesn't seem like nearly ten years ago that Brittany participated in this parade.   Where have the years gone?!

So for the majority of the three hours, we were glued to the tv. It’s great because all of us were entertained. I love making a difference and establishing traditions that I think will continue through their years.  And I swear this is the same Santa from last year...

But, soon enough it was time to start the meal prep. Cierra was a great help. She started with the dessert, ha!

Then moved on to the green bean casserole and stuffing –

Then the sweet potato casserole

She left me in charge while her and Chase went to dinner. Somewhere in between, the deep fryer was fired up and the turkey prepped –

Then back to the finishing touches on…dessert

The sweet potato casserole turned out perfectly!

we added some fries to the turkey grease. Another tradition!

I heard Kenny singing at halftime “The Boys of Fall” so I had to snap some pictures. What a fitting song.

And then suddenly the table that started out looking like this –

Ended up like this!


And after dinner?! Well some silly shots =)

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   I guess the holiday season has officially begun and as I reflect on this year, I have to wonder what the new year will hold.  I am certainly praying for one with less adversity, more simplicity and the strength to believe what I say all the time....."everything truly does happen for a reason".

I will leave you with this -

It sums up my thoughts today.  I don't think I'm alone because I often see sayings on FB and other web-sites about letting go.  Battles can't be fought alone.  Challenges take a team.  Life is a two way street.  It's very, very difficult but in all due time I think eventually we all get to the point where we surrender and realize we can't do it alone.    Some faster than others and for some of us, it's really out of our comfort zone.  I just have to have faith that letting go is the right thing.......

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