I never knew -

there was such a day, ha!  But yesterday was National Father-in-law's day.  So here's a shot out to mine!

Oh and by the way......did I remind you that I am officially on vacation?!  Yay.  so stinkin'excited!


Easey. Peasey. Cherry Pie Bars -

That's exactly what this dessert is.  Here's an idea if you like Cherry pie but aren't that great at making pies....that IS me! Flour.  Butter. Sugar. Eggs.  Vanilla.  Almond Extract.    Beat it all together -

spread in the pan

pour cherry pie filling over top (I would use two cans next time)

spoon the remaining over the filling.

Bake and let cool then mix powdered sugar, vanilla, almond and milk.  Drizzle over pan.




Already?!  Yes, it truly is and I was lucky enough to wake up so it's gonna be a good one =)

It is quiet in the house this morning.  I am the only one.  So I have my coffee.

TV is off.  Java, Skipper and Bella all around me.

I click on my e:mails which is a morning ritual.  As I catch up on my favorite blogs, my eyes stop HERE

As I scrolled through I was happy to find that I already do more than half of these things.  Maybe that's why I really don't mind mornings even though it's tough to get out of bed sometimes.

So if you're not a morning person, try some of these ideas.  And make today a HAPPY Monday!


Weekend Wrap-up

I am blessed to be able to say it was another great weekend.  Fun.  Friends.  Sunshine.  Music.  No complaining here.

We started the weekend on Friday, just like any other Friday -

We haven't been here in a while but love the changes they have made.  Lots of seating.  A Huge, Beautiful building.  Greeted as soon as we got there.  Such a pretty place -

Great Music - not to mention perfect dry, whites =)

Even a drone -

And I was able to replace one of my favorite wine carriers/coolers -

Yep - definitely worthy.

You basically get a concert and a bottle of wine for $24 and that's the non-member price.  Seriously.....people judge because we go to wineries but it's fun, cheap and we have  met tons of great people.  Who cares what people think?!  =)

On Saturday, we slept in a little then enjoyed our morning coffee.  Ronnie worked while I worked at home, not so fun, lol.

And then we were honored to share in the ultimate surprise 40th birthday party for this girl -

Lots of friends, lot of excellent, awesome food, great music and fun chatting with friends we don't get to see very often.  It was great.

Sunday - a somewhat lazy day.  Ronnie had a job to estimate/look at so we went there then wanted to find some good tomatoes for BLT's tonight.  SCORE -

but not easily.  Butler's was a closed so we had to find some place else and we did....some back road and a sign that says "Mostly Tomatoes".  "Not responsible for accidents".  hmmmm  well I really wanted these bad so we took a chance.  $1 per pound and these were 3 for $1.  Our total?  $3.  Wow.

I made a double batch of macaroni salad.  One for the party and one for us.  Yep, this is what's for dinner tonight.

We did pay our respects to a lady of the community.  A school teacher for 30 years.  Her memorial card was a little different - not the typical 23rd Psalm or a poem for the family but one that fits everyone.  I truly believe everything happens for a reason and say that often.  This poem is very fitting -

For every burden that we bear,
For every sorrow, every care,
There's a reason
For every grief that bows the head
For every tear-drop that is shed
There's a reason
For every hurt, for every plight,
For every lonely painracked night,
There's a reason
But if we trust God as we should
All must work out for our good
He knows the reason

Love this.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family as they work through this difficult time.  Somehow the things that seemed huge are somehow less stressful.

So a good weekend it was.  I am very thankful and blessed to be able to say that.  AND the best part is......we are on the count down to vacation!  YAY.  CANNOT wait to be by the sea.  Everything is better by the sea, right?!


They say it's my birthday! - UPDATED 9:43 p.m.

And it totally is =)  As soon as I opened my eyes this morning I heard "HAPPY Birthday"!  While drinking my coffee I was given the perfect card.  Very fitting.  Just perfect.  Then before I left for work I needed something from Cierra and before I could even ask, she says "HAPPY Birthday!"  

Texts and messages started pouring in and when I hit my desk this is what I saw -

Cards just for me and even a present from my BFF who is afar (actually just OC =)

and once opened - it was THE best!

She knows me too well and knows I love stuff like this.  More importantly, the insert was awesome!

Definitely worth reading if you wish.  Let's just say it's perfect for me so thanks Mendie!!

And I still have the rest of the day.  Thinking of getting my toes done, my hair trimmed, dinner with my peeps and maybe even some ice cream.  No complaining here.  Happy Hump Day to everyone else that's not celebrating a birthday.  xo

My day just kept going - Cake with my group - 

Wine glass holder and glasses with gift cert to one of my FAV places in OC - from Cierra (aka C) and Blake

Bath & Body Works gift card and flowers from Mal and Chase.

Awesome card from Nanny =)   And a family dinner - i only have two hours left but I am very blessed, grateful, thankful and appreciative of the hundreds of 'happy birthdays' i received.  Thank you all very much!


thirty six years ago -

these two said "I do" - Congratulations!!  

and here's to many, many more!  xo


Pairing at nearly 100 degrees =)

Ronnie and I were honored to be invited yesterday to a winery we had not been to nor heard of

This was a private event for about 20 of us to pair wine with bbq for their upcoming Labor Day Event.  Such a beautiful place -

It's a young winery but their wines are very good.  I liked the Butterfly series best - it's their estate wines -

And I'm obviously not the only one that likes their wines -

The owners joined us in the fun and talked about their plans -

Then Dan got us started with the pairing -

The food was prepared by this guy -

and it was awesome!

Pork and beef with macaroni and cheese, baked beans and coleslaw.  Very tasty.  I thought all the wines tasted perfect =)  But we did all have suggestions as to which paired with the beef vs. the pork. It was a fun time.

We enjoyed chatting with Clare - Dan and Tammy's daughter.  We talked about her next step in one of 5 colleges, Art, Graphic Design, cameras and logos.  Definitely a lot ahead for her -

We had a great time and were honored to be able to participate in this event.  Thanks Tammy & Dan! Oh and did I mention it was just a little hot out?  Crazy