Tell me something good.....

My all time favorite Country station is WMZQ, 98.7 FM.  I have listened for years and wasn't sure I would continue when Bobby Bones replaced the morning peeps I had come to love.  But, I hung in there and have now accepted and come to love Bobby, Lunchbox, Nada, and the whole crew.

I particularly like Tuesdays.....not only is it commercial free but they have a segment called "Tell me something good!".  We all know there's tons of bad stuff but they share things they have experienced or aware of that are truly good.  I LOVE that.

It's not Tuesday but I am going to play that little game today.  First, one of the beauties of FB is to be able to connect with people you went to school with or knew in the younger years.  In some cases we weren't actually friends back then but are now what we would consider friends.  (You can tell if you like someone by their FB Posts, hahaha).  

So where am I going with this?  Well, I have been following this little guy and his family for a few years now -

Colin will be 6 tomorrow and has been through so much in these past years.  He was born with Hypoplastic left syndrome.  He has been waiting on a heart and on Monday night, his family 'got the call'.  It gives me chills both happy and sad.  Happy because this little fighter is going to get a new heart.  Sad because another family is saying good-bye to their little one.  How awesome - God works in such mysterious ways.

I spoke with Colin's grandma this morning and all seems to be going well so far.  Prayers are still needed as it will be a long, challenging road but good things do come to those who wait (and fight =).

Such a sweet boy that deserves to enjoy life like all other six year olds.  Feel free to pray....they welcome any.

On another happy note, the first time Blake went to Ocean City with us we took him with us to our annual White Marlin weigh-in.  Most kids don't find this interesting but he did (and of course Cierra is used to going and knows the drill).  The next year our vacation fell during the tournament again....Blake excited.  This year, we will once again be there at that time but more importantly, Blake and his family (along with Cierra) spent the past week in OBX.  Blake went on his first deep sea fishing trip and texted Ronnie late yesterday afternoon with a pic of a blue marlin he 'hooked' - I can only imagine his excitement!!!

and another beauty -

We later learned that they actually caught and released a Blue Marlin and TWO sailfish; along with catching and keeping a wahoo and tuna.  They had an awesome day.  Beautiful pics also, taken by the one and only "C".  

I am so glad they had such an awesome time and blessed to have Cierra included in their family adventures.  

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