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Anyone that knows me KNOWS I ALWAYS have a camera with me.  Well, I should say at least one camera other than my iPhone.  I always have a small point and shoot and then when planned, have my Canon 70D with a big ole heavy 24-70 lens =)

Sometimes I am caught off guard and need a good picture of something and don't have my big camera.  Well fear not folks, I am going to prove that it really is ok to use a small camera.  This picture was shot with the Canon G7x - totally automatic -

The detail in this picture is very close to my slr.  Here's another one that is more landscape -

So here you have it or see it - you don't need a big, expensive camera to take beautiful pictures.  

I also use Lightroom and pay $10 a month for the whole kitten caboodle for Adobe but downloaded PicMonkey today and there is all kinds of cool stuff in this package for only $5 a month.  So if you are apprehensive about the Adobe packages, check out PicMonkey - it seems very easy to use so far.

Happy Friday!

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