Love me some Yellow... JUST UPDATED @ 10:30 a.m.

My favorite flower is one that in some ways I'm not happy to see -

It's a sign of the summer coming to an end and Fall approaching.

It's a sign of limited fresh veggies on our table.

It's a sign of school getting back into session.

But still, I LOVE sunflowers.  I snapped the top two while at the Combsberry last weekend and then when I cam home, I noticed this one starting to grow.

So I have been watching every day =)

Every stage is beautiful!

And look at it this morning!  In just one day.....Wow!

I read about these flowers and learned that there in fact annual and perianal sunflowers.  The perianal ones produce seeds that are edible by humans while the annual are only fit for birds.  There are short ones and tall ones.  The one thing consistent though is they are all beautiful to me.

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