It's YOUR day....

and we hope it's PERFECT!  

Happy Birthday to my BFF =)   We hope this is your best year yet and all your wishes come true!


The "BOSS"!

Nearly two weeks ago on Friday afternoon, Ronnie and I skipped work for the afternoon and hit the George Washington Parkway -

Passing by the Washington Monument -

Arriving at our destination =)

BTW - the name is very fitting....Here's the night view from our hotel -

We got settled in -

then just hung out for a while - checking out the hotel decorations, lol!

enjoying an 'adult' beverage -

eventually we headed out -  avoiding traffic

avoiding parking fees -

following the signs (on foot =) -

passing by many police,


a beautiful church,

and even a Wells Fargo, ha!

Where were we headed you ask?

Yep, Nationals Park!  But not for baseball....

to see none other than the BOSS himself!

And it was like NO other concert!  This 62 year old played for four hours straight.  The house was packed and the show WAS awesome!

There was a really cool tribute to Clarence Clemons....his nephew, Jake Clemons.  Awesome!

For the last hour, the lights were on and the place TOTALLY rocked!

And then shortly after midnight...

the place turned back into a ball park.  Wow!

If you've been to one of his concerts, I'm sure you understand.  If you haven't and get the opportunity, GO!  You won't be disappointed.  I promise!

After breakfast at one of our favorite places, we headed home.  GREAT time!


The Lord is my shepherd....

It seems that's the Psalm that is typically written in loved ones memorial card  and I've always loved this for many reasons.  First because Brittany used to recite this in her car seat over and over.  Without prompting.  In some ways it scared me because I used to wonder if she knew something I didn't.  

Secondly because it is so powerful.  So full of meaning.  So comforting.

Today another angel makes her way to the pearly gates.  Will get to see those open arms.  Will meet up with those that passed before her.

Today Millie goes home.

I am not only saddened by the loved ones hurt but also because I can't be there.  I can't let them know that I care.  That I feel their pain.  Be supportive.  And while I may be 1,000 miles away, I hope they know that I am truly with them in spirit.

I remember the first time I met Millie.  I rode in my now brother-in-law's jeep.  Over the blue bridge and up into the mountain.  Way up in the mountain.  Windy roads that I thought were very scary.  I thought we would never arrive but nearly a half hour later, we did arrive.  Millie and PopPop made me feel at home.  I sat in their living room with my sister and answered whatever questions Millie asked so she would know me a little better.  

The years passed and we shared many dinners with Millie.  She always made us laugh.  That's how I will remember her.  And while I know this is a very difficult time for PopPop, John, Donna and her many loved ones, she is in a better place.  

So until we all see her again, take care Millie.  You will forever be in our hearts.



She's growing up....

I definitely have some reading up to do on this program but we were really excited to learn she was interested -

Ronnie took her to the first meeting and I had the honor of taking her to her first class last Thursday. This course is a full semester and prepares her for college. If she does well, college credits will be received. Obviously we have no doubt that she'll do good =)

So yes, she IS growing up. Already thinking ahead and planning for college.

And today her and Robert celebrate two months together. They are just too cute!


I've done ALL I can do...

I've cleaned
I've sorted
I've straightened
I've prepared

And, I'm still not done.  But, time is up.  I'm tired.  Better yet, today is the day!

Yep, now I sit back and relax and wait for our guests.

She's the cousin I used to fight over.  I always wanted to carry her around.  I was always so excited when she (and her sister/brothers) was coming down to see our "ma".

She's the cousin that lives the farthest.

And now we get to meet her new husband.  We get to catch up on what's happening in both our lives.  We get to share old stories and make new memories.  This visit has been planned for months now and we're all pretty excited -

Safe travels Stephanie & Don.  We'll be waiting on you and ready to kick off this much awaited weekend =)


This silly girl -

was SUPER excited to turn in her birthday papers -

 for her concert seats -

She didn't get the 'full' picture of tailgating because it was just a little rainy -

She saw rain coats, LOTS of cowgirl/boy boots and even a portable "John" - 

needless to say, she was definitely entertained for a while =)

We decided to head in fairly early to take cover and get ready for the show.  She picked out her shirt -

The stage was set up.....

She 'met' Boxer from WMZQ -

who introduced the singer of the National Anthem.  Then shortly thereafter the opening act!

Next up?!  Luke Bryan....YAY!

and FINALLY her MAN made his way to the stage!

and he put on a GREAT show!  She was one happy girl and many times could be seen holding her phone up (along with many other young girls), just trying to capture his voice...

The only complaint was that he didn't sing "A Country Boy's World".  That is our ALL TIME favorite song for now on his album and we practiced and practiced, LOL!   I told her I was going to send him an e:mail and let him know he missed his opportunity.  We called that song to be a #1 hit soon.

Ronnie and I enjoyed spending the evening with her and Robert.  It was definitely a memorable time.