I've done ALL I can do...

I've cleaned
I've sorted
I've straightened
I've prepared

And, I'm still not done.  But, time is up.  I'm tired.  Better yet, today is the day!

Yep, now I sit back and relax and wait for our guests.

She's the cousin I used to fight over.  I always wanted to carry her around.  I was always so excited when she (and her sister/brothers) was coming down to see our "ma".

She's the cousin that lives the farthest.

And now we get to meet her new husband.  We get to catch up on what's happening in both our lives.  We get to share old stories and make new memories.  This visit has been planned for months now and we're all pretty excited -

Safe travels Stephanie & Don.  We'll be waiting on you and ready to kick off this much awaited weekend =)

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  1. Oh how fun! Have a wonderful reunion and a fabulous weekend.