Five Minute Friday!

So......I decided to join Lisa-Jo and the rest of the gang for Five Minute Friday!  Honestly, five minutes seems like a really long time but I have never had trouble writing (or talking, ha).

Here's how it works.  Every Friday Lisa-Jo picks a word.  Any word.  Then for five minutes (set the timer =)  you write what comes to mind.

Today's word is graceful -


Having or showing grace or elegance.
Synonyms:elegant - charming

Let's get started.

Graceful.  The words that come to mind are dancers, swans, horses, God.   Wow what a variation of words.

I have never been a fan of ballerinas however both my girls danced.  As part of dancing, ballet was one of their classes.  They both did a fine job.  For some reason though, that part of the recital I always found less entertaining.  But when you watch ballet, it is a talent.  Smooth, soft, graceful.  Pretty.

Swans - they are so graceful.  It looks like they are just sitting on the pond.  Rarely any water movement yet somehow they make it across.  In a peaceful kind of way.

Horses.  Why in the world would I think horses are graceful?  They are so big.  So massive.  So unpredictable.  Yet, to me they have always been very graceful.  Crazy, I know.

In a different light, I am far from graceful.  I have my issues with breaking glasses, knocking stuff over, dropping things.  NOT graceful.  Have never been a ballerina and have been referred to as a 'bull in a china shop' a few times.

If I break down graceful.  GRACE is a sub word.  I LOVE, LOVE saying grace before meals.  Please understand that these days, it doesn't happen very often.  But there's something to be said about everyone bowing their head and saying or listening to grace before a meal.  The quiet is so full of meaning.  

God comes to mind.  His grace is always upon me.  Sometimes I can't feel or see it but I know it's always there.  God is graceful to me.  The first image I have of Jesus is him standing there with a white cloak.  Robe belt.  Long hair.  Holding his hands out as if he's saying "come to me my children".  He appears very graceful.  He traveled many, many miles but somehow I see him doing so very gracefully.    
How?  When he was trying desperately to save the entire world?  What a job but done with dignity and grace.  

There you have it.  Come along =)

Five Minute Friday

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  1. It's interesting how one word can bring up so many different thoughts, images, and feelings. Thanks for a peek into yours. Visiting from Lisa Jo's.