Happy Labor Day!

It's time to say good-bye to Summer -

Time to close up the pool -

Time to clean out the flower pots -

Even time to put away those white pants... (white shoes and handbags, too!)

But today's going to be a lazy day.  Just a few things I need to do then hopefully we'll fix something yummy on the grill.  By the way, Labor Day does not mean we're done grillin' =)

OR flip flops (hehe)

It's back to school tomorrow and the kids have a few things to prepare.

Yep, time for change (again).  Fall is upon us and I'm ready.   Bring it on =)

Then off to another 'short' week that's packed with baseball, school stuff then we wrap it all up with these two.  YIPPEE!

Happy Labor Day to all my blogging friends!

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