Fresh Brewed Sundays...

I'm linking up with Barbie today.  This is my first time although I spend lots of time on her blog each week.  I love reading her insight.

This is a verse that I have taught Chase and Cierra to recite just before getting on the bus in the morning.  This started as early as kindergarten and has continued (even though I no longer walk out with them).  They say it.  Sometimes it sounds like they are just repeating what they have learned without putting thought into it however.....there have been many occasions where we were shopping or out and about when we stumble upon a sign or something that has this verse.  Both are very quick to show me.  That, makes me smile.

When I think about this verse, it is very true.  This IS the day that the Lord hath made.  You can either rejoice and be glad in it or simply exist and not really recognize how blessed we are to wake up.  To have another day.  To get one more chance to share God's love.  One more chance to be at peace and make things that are 'not so right', right.

Happy Sunday!  I hope each of you share in this verse with me and rejoice in this day that the Lord hath made =)

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  1. Such a great truth...this IS the day that the LORD has made. I am choosing to rejoice in this day, no matter what it holds. Thank you for linking up with me today. I am following your blog now. Would love to get to know you better.

  2. What a beautiful way to keep this verse close to heart for your children! Wonderful verse!