I'm a new fan -

of THIS place!

Why you wonder?  Well because I purchased my Macbook Pro 3 years ago and the warranty will soon expire (9/3).  It started giving me 'start up disk full' messages and I was constantly getting the 'wheel of death' (that is sometimes called the beach ball).

When I called Apple Support, they were GREAT (always are).  They walked me through some steps then referred me to a local Apple warranty shop.  Waa Laa!

I called, made an appointment and within 24 hours have a computer that feels like new.  They doubled my RAM, upgraded my hard drive to the new "flash" or Solid State and I'm rolling.  Seriously.  My computer is soooo fast.

So, if you're like me and don't want to invest in a new computer but are having issues with your Apple product, check them out.  Jesse, Scott and David will fix you right up!

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