Monday, Monday, MONDAY!

With the Sheep show behind us, it was considered a relaxing evening...the eve of the Goat show but for some reason, that's always a little less stressful.

Over the hill, to the arena we go, getting there early enough to see them gettin' ready - 

But just before the start time, an announcement was made.  It seems a little girl had won the 'escort around the fairgrounds' raffle.  That meant her and her two siblings would travel around the acres of ground called "The Jefferson County Fairgrounds".  

They were loaded onto a cart and sent on their merry way -

And once over the hill (and out of sight/sound), we were told that really wasn't the case.  You see their Dad had been in Afghanistan since December of 2010.  One of the children he hadn't even seen in person.  And, he was home!  We were going to witness the homecoming.  This is something I only see on TV.  Honestly.

The Dad and Mom waited - then the fair officials timed it just right -

And then the reunion.  Such a heart warming experience.  

and then their family portrait.  Wow!

See......our WV county fair isn't all that redneck after all, ha!

Ok, almost forgot.  We did see fast tractors -

Old tractors -

And most importantly......a BEAUTIFUL sunset!  Happy Monday!

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