Wordless Wednesday?

Nope!  Can't be possible when the county fair is underway.....

It was somewhat of a quiet night.  We were finally able to walk through the barns and check out all the animals.  Pigs, goats, cows, sheep OH MY!

Isn't this a pretty goat?!  Almost looks like a deer...

We grabbed a potato with old bay and cheese -

then headed over the hill to watch the demolition derby!

Who does this!?  Well....lots of folks in our county it seems =)

We talked about how it used to be up at the grandstand.  How in the heck did they do that in such a small area?  Just doesn't seem possible but oh....it took place and we loved it just as much back then.

Just before we left, we got a sneak peak at what was in the big, white trailer -

I wonder how many folks will come back tomorrow night just to see what this show is all about?!  I know we'll be back.  Well, I guess that's no surprise since we practically live here, lol!

Yep, just a couple of WV rednecks this week!

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