Goat show and more -

The goat show is always Tuesday which means it's time for Chase to wash Cast and clean her up for the show.

He did great - he always keeps his 'game' face on but has continued to learn the proper way to show each year.  Cast weighed 99 pounds so he won the 'rate of gain' award AND only one goat was heavier @ 109 lbs.   We are very proud of him, to say the least.

After a short break, it was time for the FFA, 4H, FCCLA bake sale.  This is such an awesome thing.  All of the groups bake something and present it to the crowd.

Mr. Kable is typically the auctioneer -

while a representative from each group gives a 'speech' to SELL their basket and what they intend to do with the proceeds -

It is heart warming to see many of the local business owners come together and meet the goal for a particular event.  For example, one of the groups needed $4,000 for an event they have coming up.  Quickly 4 or 5 businesses began bidding and agreed to all chip in $1000 (or so) to meet this need.  How cool is that?!  This bake sale is such a heartwarming experience.

Anyway, Ronnie and I have been able to be present for this activity the past 3-4 years and have soooo wanted to be able to buy something in support of either our children's 4H group or some other group.  Well, lookie here -

All Inclusive Expertise, LLC (aka Ronnie Crockett) was able to do so this year!  PERFECT!!!! 

And just so you know, this basket of cookies earned one 4H group $725.  Woo hoo!

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