Friday eve -

aka Thirsty Thursday =)

We LOVE, LOVE the horse pull and it usually starts early so we make every effort to be out there early on Thursday. Aren’t they just beautiful?

And then there’s the Tuff Trucks. This totally cracks me up – The 2-wheel drive went first and honestly many of them looked like they were someone’s ‘go to work’ cars - wow.

And then there’s those that flip over, haha!

Thank goodness no one was hurt.

On Wednesday we got a small taste of some excitement planned for Thursday and they weren’t wrong when they said it would be a GREAT show! I’m sure Chase would love to ride the “Cool Bus”, ha!

Who wouldn’t?! Especially if you get a higher education..LOL

What a show these trucks put on –

And this was their 'bow' -

with the grand finale' a 'car-b-que' - this thing had a jet engine...

that torched a car!  Wow!!!

 The horse pull, Tuff Trucks, action show, dinner, an ice cream sandwich then a quick good bye to these two

Oh but we had to stop by to see if J7 was the winning spot for the Cow Chip Bingo.  Well, unfortunately not.  We weren't a winner.  Looks like the 'poop' hit way on the outside.  Oh well, maybe next year.

And we headed home. I’m tired…..sure am glad the fair only comes once a year but every hour of sleep I lost was worth it, that’s for sure!

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