It's Thursday!

After some beach time we headed down to the Thorough Fare for some fishing.

Not much luck due to the rocks but we did watch one boat catch one flounder after another.

It was definitely a 'happenin' place'!

and we even got to see the bridge go up =)

The girls took care of parking -

then entertained themselves, even coloring in their henna tattoos, lol!

It was pretty stormy but after showers, we headed to another 'annual' event for us.

It was a beautiful evening to say the least.

oh....hold on, PHOTO op =)

We aren't really beer drinkers but for $1.50, it seemed like a perfect snack!

oh wait.....isn't this a baseball game?  Why are all the players on the field?

Yep....a few of them got a little angry when the pitcher hit two players in a row =(

Check out the Wawa bird

the steaming coffee!
and for a small fee, you too could watch the game from a hot tub on the 3rd base line -

we had to leave a little early so we could pick up scopes taken on the beach of the 'princesses'....

but, the Shorebirds did end up winning!  Yay!

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