Something a little different....

Since I travel to the same places most of the time, I typically stay in the SAME hotel.  I have been called a Marriott or Hilton snob - that's ok I love the points.  It's always nice when they know your name and you know your way around but.....sometimes that isn't possible.  It could be something major going on and no rooms are available or it could be a meeting is someplace else so a more 'convenient' hotel is necessary.

So that happened - and this kinda got my attention -

Yep - the room was a little retro =)

Of course I have a check list.....look for bed bugs.  Look for cameras.

should i be concerned?  Nah.....  it's all good.  Just a little oops when they remodeled.

It was a pretty cool place -

I travel next week but will be at my 'Hilton home'.


Most people say "it's the LITTLE things" but....

in this case, I'm over the top excited about these BIG (or XL) things =)

I know.....I am totally pathetic!  Go ahead and laugh -  but I have a closet and room full of photos, school memories, certificates, tickets, you name it.  So in an effort to get everything organized I have been going through box by box.  I just happened to have three pretty big zip lock baggies that hold about an 11 x 14 picture.  Ok, that's a start but I have FOUR children.  The struggle is real.

Sure enough, I searched WalMart and found these XL baggies!  SCORE!!

My plan?  Sort (throw away minimal), Scan, Store and eventually let go of these 'bags' and give them to their owner.

This means less clutter, less boxes and more organization.  A WIN WIN for all.

I LOVE these bags and am totally enjoying going through all the kids stuff.  Ohhh the stuff I have found =)



It was a FROZEN kind of day =)

I'm so glad Kayden had a wonderful 6th birthday party.  She was surrounded by all her family and friends.  A very loved little girl.



WooHoo!  Nope....don't have to be me til Monday.

But, more importantly - this great invention turned 75 today!

Wow....I love mine but haven't used it nearly as much this winter as last.  It typically comes out for mac n' cheese and chili (both red and white).  

Everyone has one, right?!  Hmmmm what do I have that I can throw in there for the snow that is comin'?!  It's already falling her in Leetown....


It's very hard to believe.......

but IT is true!

We love you very much and hope your birthday is the besets!!

xoxo - Gigi and Poppy


Turn on the lights and blow off the dust!



Cut in strips.


Cut into squares 105 squares!

That's the first steps of part one of my rag quilt.  Can I just say I am soon excited?!  


Today is MY kinda day =)

Yep - this is what my drawer looks like most of the time -

I LOVE, LOVE cheese.  And am frequently made fun of because i drive pretty far to get this particular kind -

Gotta go where the goods are, ha!

But of course varieties and even shredded are perfect, too.

What's for dinner?  Ummm not absolutely sure but will guarantee it will be something with cheese (or maybe cheese along =)


1st Draft...

Isn't that what they call your first stab at something?!

Well - I'm not thrilled with the outcome but it will have to do for now.

Here's what I started with -

Then the first coat of chalk paint....

Then the second coat and some wax....

There's definitely some things I would do differently.....like black wax....but for now, it serves the purpose.

I am not certain I want to get into any big piece of furniture right now but it was just a little fun =)


Opinion.  Observation.  Perspective.  Review.  Yep, maybe that is the best word.

So....not this past Christmas but the one before (2013) I got Ronnie a Jawbone.  He likes to run when he can and I thought this would be a pretty good gift for him to 'see' his results.

It stayed in the box.

Last week I decided I wanted to look into a Fitbit.  I saw one that continuously measure your heart rate so of course I was interested.  I am ALWAYS interested in my heart rate given my history.  When I mentioned this, Ronnie suggested I take his "UP".

Out of the box it wouldn't work.  Obviously needed some 'juice'.  After charging, we set it up.

There are some things I like about this model.  It monitors my steps.

It is waterproof.  It monitors my sleep.  (which i found VERY interesting).

But there are a few things I don't like.

You have to synch it physically to your phone.

You have to remove the end to do so.

Because it doesn't actually close around my wrist, it gets caught on clothes.  It isn't very comfortable.

So....I read the reviews for the Fitbit.  Not everything is positive about that either but.....if you're looking for one, I would suggest the Fitbit.  I have found at Kohls (just fyi you can't use your Kohls coupons, ha!  only Kohls Cash).

I have found at Best Buy and also Amazon.

Do you have one?  Which do you prefer?



Life is ALL about taking chances.

Live.....lotteries......jobs.......adventures......financial.....so why wouldn't you buy a raffle for this?

not only can you win this awesome....2015 Sportster with a Hard Candy Crush paint job (might I add that matches JHS colors)  but you would be supporting our JHS baseball teams!  Yay, right?!

This is a beauty.  So stay tuned with how you can purchase your raffle ticket.  There will only be 1000 tickets @ $25 a piece.  So the odds of winning are better than the lottery, ha!


Oh Our Digital World.....

I think this qualifies as a WORDLESS WEDNESDAY because I have NO words.  Please read THIS  =)



that's something I am totally working on this year.

I have always considered myself organized.  I make lists.  I put things away.  I plan meals.  But......who couldn't do better at organizing all her bling?!

This was a present from Cierra for Christmas -

I can sort my anklets -

My starfish together -

I even have the perfect spot to hang the most special Christmas present of all from Santa's Secret Shop!

I totally love it!  And to make it better, I took this burlap picture frame and put it to use....

Bed Bath & Beyond definitely has lots of stuff I am loving'.  Even my nice 'family' frames.

ok, so i still have to pick up a 4x6 frame to off-set the light switch but I'm still likin' it =)

We are even trying to eat healthy snacks.  Yesterday Ronnie fixed us some pineapple, orange & banana smoothies.  Yum!

After all......organization has to help in this crazy, fast paced life.  Cheers!


Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Another birthday is upon us without you here.  No presents, cake or funny stories here but I'm sure you are celebrating with all your family in heaven.  Make it the best!

I think of you every day and still miss you lots!  I love you.


Smokin' =)

A few years ago I got Ronnie a 'smoker' for an occasion (can't remember which one) but he had never used.  So....during Thanksgiving he had the idea to try it versus our traditional 'frying'.

Of course he had to test it out first.....so we tried a chicken.

It turned out pretty good.  We both liked it but it definitely had a 'smokey' taste.  With that said, we opted to not use it for the turkey, lol.  Not thinking all the family would like that taste.  

But look how pretty, ha!

Speaking of pretty....we have tried quite a few new things this past year.  Our first fresh lobster -  I took a pic of it in the tank but must have deleted it.   This is the beautiful end product....poor thing...makes me sad :(

Sushi is our new fav....I'll have to post about our top 3 places to get Sushi soon!