I LOVE gadgets =)

For Christmas I ordered what was considered to be a hot item according to Carley.  It sounded fun.  Right?

When Chase and Cierra opened it up Christmas morning, they too thought it was really cute.  Cute?  or Usable?

So of course over a week later when I was sorting the boxes and gifts, sure enough....there it was, ha!

I have a rule.  Finders Keepers.  Money in pockets.  Gifts left more than a week hehe.

I opened it up ...hooked it up...

and printed a pic =)

Yep - right before my eyes.....just like magic.

Ok, so it isn't perfect (this picture was taken in the dark with Christmas lights =) but it does bring back those memories of that noisy polaroid camera that spit pictures out, huh?  Plus, it's small enough to throw in my 'bag of tricks' and have a printer readily available.  I'm kinda likin' it.  Now I just need to see how long it takes Chase and Cierra to miss it =)_

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