As seen on TV -

Well, not quite but this seemed very familiar.  As a child (and even our grown up days) did you ever just HAVE to have that SOMETHING that was advertised on TV.  If your parents were like mine, they had a fit.  They tried to convince us that THEY NEVER WORK.  But oh no.....it has to...it IS on TV.

Well, the other night was very entertaining in our household.  Kayden loves, LOVES to make things so Cierra picked out the perfect Christmas present  -

and what else do you do on Wednesday night (with school out ALL week?!)  You make bracelets!

SO - Cierra  unpacked the box -

read the directions -

and then the frustration kicked in -  Notice a change in her 'attitude', ha!

Even YOUTUBE couldn't help -

This actually cracked me up - it did NOT HELP AT ALL =)

But then Poppy came to the rescue -

With one patient little girl -

And all was well with the world =)

Yep!  I always say it takes a village.

It still wasn't a smooth process - anyone out there have any suggestions?


The Traveling Vineyard -

So.....our friend - aka Kara "Feagans" Fisher became a Traveling Vineyard consultant.  And, along with that we wanted to support her.  And along with that comes a Friday evening party, ha!  In November, January 8th seemed soooooooo far away.  Ha - it was the weekend after the New Year =)

But, it worked out just fine.  Kara sent me an e:mail with the food suggestions for pairing.  No obligation but suggestions.  It was fun deciding what to fix for each.  I chose two for each =)  One food item and one dessert item.  Scallops, Shrimp, Crab Dip -

After I planned the menu -  and we prepared - including cleaning the house =)  Cierra helped with the strawberries -

I made banana bread, brownies, and tons of other stuff -

And the evening came - Kara arrived -  and we were getting ready -

Love her =)

It was such a fun night.  It started with a Skittle in the glass -

I won't spoil the fun for anyone that hasn't experienced this but it was fun =)

Then we fixed our plate and tasted/paired.  AWESOME.  kara did a great job including the group, educating us on the wine and how to actually taste.  We have participating in many (too many) tastings but none quite like this.  My cheeks hurt by the end of the night.  But we got some free wine and discounts.....AWESOME.

And then within 3 days - our wine arrived.  Such fun sorting!

Now this is a job that I could do!!  Who wouldn't love to meet great people, sip some wine and share knowledge about something that is so very popular in our region.  Here's just a peek at the options we have...

So if you haven't yet experienced a Traveling Vineyard party, GO!  if you are thinking about having one, DO IT.  And better yet, reach out to KARA  She will fix you right up!



My Dad.....

I miss him and often think of what he has taught me.  One thing is...you NEVER borrower something.  I remember dreading asking if I could borrower a car/truck or whatever.  He always made me feel guilty.  This is something he also said frequently to Ronnie.  Ronnie never borrows from ANYONE (well, there are two people).  But, we have an awesome neighbor (actually a good neighbor =) who volunteered to let Ronnie use his snowblower to bail us out.

At the time of borrowing, Ronnie was sure to tell our (awesome) neighbor that he would have one for the next snowstorm.  HEHE.  So...after borrowing this yesterday -

Ronnie spent hours researching and locating snow blowers.  He was set on the Cub Cadet which is the highest rated 2015 snow blower.  He found a dealer that had some in stock in Chambersburg, PA.

After calling Shank's Lawn Equipment,  he made a trip.  It was worth it!  They were great to deal with from the phone call to the close of the deal.  And they are currently offering 0% financing for 18 months.  And, he is now the proud owner of this -

So if anyone is looking for snow removal, call Ronnie  (304) 997-0023 - he will be glad to help, lol.  The more he works, the quicker this new toy,  tool, BEAST gets paid for.  Bring on the snow next weekend.  (ok, I'm sure I have hater now).

And if you're looking to buy one of your own, here's the LINK to their web-site with lots of info.


And what did we do?

Well - we drank hot chocolate -

and I have to tell you this machine is my all time favorite.

Yes, I love my Keurig but there's something special about the results using milk and mix and the ability to add some chocolate =)

You can buy your now on amazon, using this LINK definitely a must have if you too enjoy your hot chocolate....

And O M G - we have been watching the previews for the new show Teachers that comes on Wednesdays at 10:30.  Yep there's a reason it's on late.  THIS show is hilarious!

With Cierra on her way to becoming an elementary teacher, we just had to watch.  We laughed the entire time.  Ronnie recorded both episodes so far and will continue to record....Cierra has GOT to watch these.

Let's see - I put some stuff on eBay to sell.  Oh and those of you that laugh at me for taking pictures of my food - well hear this!  I enrolled in THIS course -

And I am so excited - there are 130 tutorials.  They are quick, to the point and easy to understand.  I have already watched quite a few.  My goal is to complete the entire course by the time I go back to work.  (hoping we are off Monday, haha)

I also cleaned out one corner of my sewing/craft bonus room that had some scrapbooking books.  Who uses books these days?!  I am hooked on SHABBY FABRICS - I have learned SO much and love the tutorials.  I will be sharing some of the things I have made in upcoming posts.  But, it includes zipper bags, back packs, pillows, lots of cool stuff.    If you are into sewing and quilting, you must check Jennifer out.  Her story is pretty cool too.  Her and her husband were both pilots and after 9/11 they changed their course of life.

ok, that's enough for now.  I have shared a few things that you, too can spend some time doing.  Enjoy!



And all of the above - that's what I am focusing on.  I love blogging and have decided to try to not only have fun but make some extra cash.  2016 is going to be a 'pay that off' kind of year (or at least I am going to try).  With that said, you will start seeing some ads on the right side.  Feel free to click, check them out and purchase anything your little heart desires.  My first is The Ornament Girl.  Love, Love, LOVE their patterns and purchased several.  I will share in the near future but these aren't limited to Christmas or your Christmas tree.  Can't you see these 'special themed' balls hanging in windows or anywhere actually?

So join me in celebration of my first 'affiliate' endeavor.  And I'm hoping more will be coming soon.

Click on The Ornament Girl add over on the right.  You won't be disappointed.  AND if you see something you would like me to try first, just let me know.  I love trying new ones =)

Here's some pics of really cool ones - and just in case you didn't know, I found the styrofoam balls (3") on amazon really cheap and the fabric is scraps....easy peasy lemon squeasy.  Also fairly cheap, ha!

and you can always click here to go to the actual site.  Just remember, if you decide to purchase, go back to my blog and click on the add so I get credit =)  xoxo