As seen on TV -

Well, not quite but this seemed very familiar.  As a child (and even our grown up days) did you ever just HAVE to have that SOMETHING that was advertised on TV.  If your parents were like mine, they had a fit.  They tried to convince us that THEY NEVER WORK.  But oh no.....it has to...it IS on TV.

Well, the other night was very entertaining in our household.  Kayden loves, LOVES to make things so Cierra picked out the perfect Christmas present  -

and what else do you do on Wednesday night (with school out ALL week?!)  You make bracelets!

SO - Cierra  unpacked the box -

read the directions -

and then the frustration kicked in -  Notice a change in her 'attitude', ha!

Even YOUTUBE couldn't help -

This actually cracked me up - it did NOT HELP AT ALL =)

But then Poppy came to the rescue -

With one patient little girl -

And all was well with the world =)

Yep!  I always say it takes a village.

It still wasn't a smooth process - anyone out there have any suggestions?

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