What to buy?

We know a special 7 year old princess that is very difficult to buy for.

She. Has. Everything.

So when it was time to put together her gifts for the party, I was stumped.  And then I remembered a video I watched for pajama pants.  Have I told you lately how addicted I am to Shabby Fabrics?!  (I know...only a million times).

Last night before I went to sleep I watched this video -

Luckily I had already purchased some 'Frozen' fabric and I was pretty sure I had enough.  

I watched the video again this morning - then with time running out, I had to figure it out =) So I gathered up the fabric -

and then just to make sure,  I asked Jennifer to follow along LOL

then step by step these cute little pajama pants came to life -

I even had time to whip up a matching pair for her American Girl doll, too  Such fun!

This was such a fun, quick project.  If you're looking for something to do with some warm fleece and a little bit of trim, this is awesome.  Be sure to watch the video so you have the exact process straight from Jennifer.  

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