A day of LOVE -

Yes, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  Such a special day loaded with pinks and reds.  Hearts and balloons.  Every kind of card possible to find that special way to say I LOVE YOU.

We planned out our weekend which included spending an evening with the Wilt's.  Never, NEVER a dull moment when we all get together.  That family definitely keeps you in stitches - and we are so happy to have Cierra (aka "C") be welcomed and loved so much by them.

A room full of laughter with awesome food and lots of wine - and of course we get to see KARA  our special Traveling Vineyard Consultant =)

Today - well it was just a little cold.  Windy, brisk, cold.  But not too cold to have dinner at Paddy's with Cierra & Blake before heading to the Old Opera House -

Ronnie purchased tickets for us to see "One Slight Hitch" - it was so cute and funny.  Perfect way to spend Valentine's Eve =)

Tomorrow is the last show but Rex's Exes sounds pretty good and I love supporting the locals.

Did I say it was cold out?  Brrrrr - a warm cup of coffee and a slice of red velvet cake hits the spot.  And as I catch up on my e:mails, I have an update from Money Saving Mom   I have learned so much from the information she shares.  I will have to share the coupon apps another day but I did find this evening's post - 5 Keys to Have a Strong Marriage - another perfect Valentines' Day.

Please Click the 'red' Money Saving Mom above to read the whole article but here's a summary =)

1. Stop Coasting

A good marriage doesn’t just happen; it requires a LOT of work and time and effort. Just like you couldn’t expect to build a muscular body without putting in a lot of time weight-lifting, so you can’t expect to have a strong marriage if you’re not constantly building it up.
2. Don’t Keep It G-Rated
Seriously, people. You are supposed to be lovers, not roommates. Act like it. :)

3. Find the Good and Praise It

There are always a host of things we can point out, pick at, nag, and criticize. If we spend all our time focused on that, we’ll be frustrated with how far short our spouse is falling from where we want them to be.
On the flip side, there are always, always, always good things to praise. Become a noticer of the good.

4. Ask Forgiveness Often

A good marriage is built around a lot of humility and the ability to say, “I was wrong, will you forgive me?” Those are hard words to say, but they are necessary.
We all make mistakes. We all say words we shouldn’t say. We all respond in anger at times. When that happens, be willing to admit you are wrong.

5. Learn Their Love Language

While I don’t like to box people into specific categories, every person has a unique love language — the way they feel most loved.
If you’re unfamiliar with the five love languages, they are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. In many cases, you’ll be a mix of a few of these, but you’ll almost always have one that is dominant. If you’re not sure what you love language is, you can take this quiz here (and be sure to have your spouse take it, too!)
What did we ever do without Facebook and the internet?  Ok, maybe we read books or listened but seriously I could spend days reading articles and learning.  So - happy Valentine's Eve.  

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