Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell.....

I have never, NEVER been good with keeping secrets.  Actually I don't like secrets.  But when I decided to sign up with BESTMARK I knew I was going to be challenged have to learn how to be quiet =)  Oh my.

But, my first assignment was at one of my favorite places -

Very exciting!  I was to look at two things - first a large appliance and second a DSLR camera.  How perfect!  I have been wanting a refrigerator but just can't afford it right now and a camera?!  ha!  Love me some cameras.

Once you sign-up, you get a list of assignments in your area weekly.  You find one that you can make work (there is a specific date and time) then you sign-off, read the pages and pages of requirements and plan your trip.  I was just a little nervous that I might not do something right.  You also only have a number of hours after the mystery shopping to provide the survey and receipt to prove you were there.

Ok, so we enter.  Notice I said WE.  I convinced Ronnie to go with me =)  Right toward the appliances.   There are some really amazing refrigerators.  Some that even cost as much as a car.  After walking around for a few minutes, we find a sales person.  (Directions say it has to be a blue shirt with a name tab).  There she is.  So I start with my questions.   She does a really nice job trying to sell us the refrigerator.  She explained the differences nicely and after we told her we weren't ready today, she took the time to write down all the info for the one we liked.  Nice.  This is definitely on my list of 'nice to have' 'in the future', LOL

Next up the camera department.  We walked around there longer than anticipated (you also have a timeframe).  And here she comes, ha!  But, the instructions say you can't use the same person for both items.  Luckily she handed us over to a guy that knew lots and lots about cameras.  It was  hard for me to play dumb but I survived.  He took his time and explained the differences, etc.  Another nice job.  And THIS I would love to have -

All this took just under an hour but it was fun and I will sign up for more.  It's pretty easy work for some extra cash.  AND, I was successful at not telling either what we were doing (even though we actually knew one of them from 4H).  I even beat the deadline for filling out the paperwork and submitting for payment.  YAY me.

So.....if you too would like to payoff some of your Christmas bills or start saving for your summer vacation, check out Bestmark.  I'm sure there are others out there as well.  Go for it!

I'll leave you with another way to clean house and make some cash -  THIS BLOG is the place to go!  Crystal is awesome.  I was able to sell some used books to Amazon and am looking at other things to do. 

We are ALL about making or saving money, right?  Happy Friday Eve my friends~

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