Nothing to do with travel, automobiles or discounts but ALL about Adah!

I was honored to be able to share my birthday weekend with Adah by celebrating her latest accomplishment.

She now has a Masters in Science.  Wow.  GOOD for her.  We are all very proud, to say the least.

It's always fun to spend some time at her house because you never know what you will see.

Yep, a peacock.  And not just one -
The kids snuck off with my camera while we chatted -

Good food, great company and some quality time with Adah and her friends/family.  Thanks for inviting us Adah, we had a great time!


the BIG 5 0 - wow!

To celebrate my birthday, we packed the RV and headed to Castaways in Ocean City, MD.  

We loved the place. The kids had so much to do and it's definitely a place we will spend more than a weekend next time.

We were actually all up at midnight so I honestly had a full 24 hour birthday celebration.  Breakfast then a few errands with Ronnie (which worked our really good for me =)
then we hit the beach for a while - SO nice!
We even got to listen to some 'tunes' -
at the Tiki bar -
it was such a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful day -

We typically come down to this end of the bay on the boat when we are flounder fishing.  It was very different from this angle.  We were able to walk pretty far out to a sand bar that was almost like a lil party zone, lol.
Dinner at one of my favorite's - Warren Station - yay!

Some ice cream and cake -
and thanks to these guys -

it was perfect!  Thanks for making my day so special.


Sorry......I kinda left ya hanging =(

Back to our anniversary 'get away' -

On Thursday afternoon we decided to hit some wineries. So many to chose from.

We decided on Trump first. It was very 'Trump' like...



wonderful wines!

This is definitely a winery we would re-visit.  Our first experience with these wines was actually through Sunset Hills.  Kluge was the winery and they had a special price on what was left prior to the transition to Trump.  Their red was perfect in the winter.  Sunset actually took a trailer and purchased several cases, making these available to their members at a reduced price.  Love those 'member' perks!

Ok, next up was Blenheim.

nice view of the mountains -
and the view from above?!
the wines were 'ok'.  Not sure I would make a special trip but they were good.

And then we headed to one that I had found on a 'search'.  It was beautiful so I printed a picture.  When I gave it to Ronnie, he said.  That is not a true picture from the winery.  Ummmm well, let's see about that!
let's see what you think?!

It was such a perfect place.  We took LOTS of pictures =)
and check out the bathroom!
and the hand dryer?!  cool...
but...my favorite picture......
This is definitely one that I hated to leave and will DEF come back to....
Can't wait to go back.  Will definitely watch their website to see what's happenin' and when we can plan a 'RV' trip!

I promise I'll stay on track and give you the 'low down' on the other two we visited tomorrow.  Please check back if you're interested.