I've moved....

Things Change.

Life throws us challenges.

We learn to adapt to a new normal and Keep Calm and Carry On.  Click on the link to follow my life in a new blog.



My final words -

Well friends (and family) - I am saddened to share the news that this will be my final post for Crockett's Corner.   Four years ago when I began this journey my life was very different.  But now, Crockett's Corner is a different place.  All the memories I have shared will live on but with all the changes, I feel it best to start fresh.  I am working hard to "Keep Calm and Carry On".

My new blog can be found here - Keep Calm and Carry On but please be patient =)  It's not ready to be unveiled just yet. (and you will probably get an message that says blog not found).

I hope you decide to follow my life's happenings but if not, I hope you have enjoyed Crockett's Corner.  I know I have and will forever cherish every. single. post.

I love you all - and hope to see you soon.  Hugs!


One more dance...

every day since March 26th of last year, I have prayed for one more day.  For my Dad to stay with us one more day.  Honestly, in hopes that all the 'wrongs' would once again be 'right'.  That the memories would all be good and peace would come over our family before this day.

The sand ran out.  My luck ran out.  He lost his battle.  I am very sad.

One morning at the end of summer, this song came on the radio while I was getting ready.  I am 50 but have NEVER heard this one.  Wow.  I stopped straightening my hair and sat.  I listened intently.  Then I ran down stairs and googled the words that I thought might make up the title.

Click the arrow to play.  I apologize....you must be patient.

"One more dance with my Father".  Yep, sure enough as I began typing, the words automatically fell in place.  Sang by Luther Vandross.  I read.  I re-read.  I quickly knew that the 'dance' was different for me.  I didn't have a fairy tale childhood.  It wasn't perfect.  But it was all mine.  Right, wrong, different. Whatever.  But it was mine and it made me who I am today.

The dance would be a ride in town in the big truck or piece of equipment.   The dance would be learning how to ride the tractor so I could mow the grass.  The dance would be the annual vacation at the beach, up at dawn in search of the perfect sea shells.  The dance would be talking about houses, looking at plans, talking about finances.  Regardless, our dancing days have come to an end and my life will never be the same.  And as my blog says.....I have to be ok with that.  I have to try.  I have to do what I promised him;  move on.  It is what it is.

So here's to you Dad!  Until we meet again, I love you.  I miss you.  I will never forget some our heart-to-heart conversations no matter how much they hurt.  I know you are pain free.  I know you are comfortable.  I know you are whole again and will watch over me the rest of my days.


Salt Life....

There's something to be said about Salt life. Blue water. Palm Trees. Fun Times. Relaxing atmosphere. Happy People. Tan skin. Sun on your face. Sand in your toes. Not a care in the world. That's SALT LIFE.

I became exposed to that kinda life before I was even one. Since then....not a year has passed that I didn't go to the beach at least once. And that's a FACT. It's part of who I am. It's part of how I want to live and it's definitely something I wanted to make sure my children knew. Understood. Came to love, too.

Some of my fondest childhood memories were made in Ocean City, Maryland. Year after year we would escape from the real world and sit by the sea. It's funny because neither of my parents can swim but that didn't stop them from putting me and my sister in the hotel pool or the big wide ocean. Time after time I would tumble in the waves. Have salt water up my nose and burns on my knees from the rough water. But every year that passed I became more fond of that life.

So the anticipation for this week to come was beyond excitement. It was a countdown to sun, sand and blue water that started nearly a year ago. It was working harder over the past few weeks to get everything done. It was making list after list of what we should pack. And then the day came. Finally.

Cierra actually was making the same trip with a friend for the second year so they got a jump on us, leaving Friday around noon. But once Java was dropped off and the house sitters arrived on Friday evening, we headed south, stopping just two hours in because we got a little later start than we thought. Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings then checked into a hotel.

We crashed but were up before daylight in search of a Krispy Kreme for some caffeine and sweets.

The Garmin estimated 12:43 as our arrival time. Perfect! It honestly didn't seem long before we started seeing "South of the Border" signs.

And then this....

To get to Myrtle Beach, you're only on 95 in South Carolina less than 20 miles. So seeing that sign makes it all real. We're VERY close =)

Given this isn't our first trip to Ocean Lakes, we knew where we were going and even had our "Express Check-in" tag, lol!

Left into Ocean Lakes then right and our house was the third on the right.  YAY!

And it is a perfect 'home away from home' for us!

And a short walk lands us here.....

But of course we couldn't even head to the grocery store without first going here -

because you just aren't cool if you don't have a cart, ha!

And Chase MUST be cool...

So this week will be filled with carts filled with boys.....

Boys hangin' out on the deck -

girls out and about -

these two hangin' out -

late nights with these guys -

and the biggest event will be the baseball games!  Yep, Washington plays at 12:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Jefferson plays at 5:00 on Tuesday, 7:00 on Wednesday and 5:00 on Thursday.  Can't wait =)

And now you understand - Life is good!