Happy Birthday Brandon!

We hope you have a great day!  xoxo


80's day!

Spirit Week continues -
Yep, it's Wayyyy Back Wednesday! Of course Chase opted to save himself some embarrassment, lol.

Time to stir....

and that's exactly what they did -

Saturday it was time for the JHS Baseball players to help out at Shepherdstown Fire Department's  Apple butter Festival.

The kettles were fired up -

The jars were ready -

The sugar was stacked up -

Even Ronnie was responsible for a kettle!
I had no idea how the whole process works but the kettles get tasted -

then if needed, sugar gets added til just right.

Then the time is written on the kettle so they know when it is done.  Wow....I found it all quite interesting.

This is one of their biggest (if not the biggest) fundraiser so if you like Apple butter, they have some for sale. $7 a quart and it IS yummy!

And after a hard day at work, what's better than some homemade vegetable soup?!


You mix it -

you roll it -

you dip it -

you put it on the pan -

you bake it -

then you try to make it look like a Minion - LOL

All while this little one is taking it ALL in =)

And I can't forget to thanks Jessica for the idea.  We stole her monster cookies and turned them into Minions.  No matter what they look like, they are really yummy!

PS That's hunting paint on her face and not Halloween paint =)


America Monday!

Yep, they are definitely participating in Spirit Week....it's gonna be a fun week with the grand finale'....HOMECOMING!

and yes....just in case you are wondering, Chase really is excited, LOL!


Friday's Feature -

Harpers Ferry is such a quaint, historic, pretty town but we don't visit very often.  But, when we do, I always wonder why we don't...

We have been on the ghost tour a few times where this place is mentioned -

it's all about the ketchup bottles.  And the ketchup bottles just sliding right off the table.

Well, we finally had the opportunity to eat lunch there on a beautiful, Fall day -

Our food was delicious -

and the view was awesome -  we even got to see a train come through the station while we sat outside and ate.

So if you ever get the chance, Harpers Ferry is a MUST =)


Fall is my FAV!

On Sunday afternoon while Chase was 'paint balling' and Cierra was working, we hopped on the bike -

and ended up here =)

Such a beautiful town -

With a lot of history -

but evidently not many safety requirements (check out the 'roof' with no railing)

and even a caboose!

And a  place that looks just a lil familiar, ha!

We had lunch at this quaint lil place -

with awesome food!

and you just never know what you are gonna see when you dine 'street side' =)

We wanted to see some of the beautiful fall foliage which meant Skyline Drive!  And on the way, there were a couple wineries we wanted to hit.  The ride there was beautiful -

And the entrance -

To a place with the view......ahhhh

Look close and you can actually see Skyline Drive -

Their wines were impressive.....even with a shared taste.  We have a rule that we don't drink and ride but of course bought a bottle for home, LOL.

Next stop?!  -

But, it was getting late and $10 so we decided to go back next weekend.  We headed toward home with this place our last stop -

another place with an awesome view -

although a little steep and a lot of gravel making a bike just a little challenging .....but the wines didn't disappoint.  Another bottle for our bag then we headed down the mountain and back home.  It was truly a beautiful afternoon.  We are hoping to take that scenic route again next Sunday.  Yay!