Mr. Pete

He was actually my "Uncle Pete" but regardless, today we celebrated his life.  Even though I am 51 and he was 87, I learned something about him today and was stunned to learn of his accomplishments.  He had a 5th grade education but was soooo successful.  I had no idea but quickly became very proud to be a part of the Walker family.  

There was nine.  Now there are three.  Each with some of the Walker traits and some of their own.  This is just a small dose of what Uncle Pete was about.

And at the cemetery.  The Marines saluted.

The trumpet played.

They folded the flag.

And we said our 'good-bye' to a man that truly made a difference.  I couldn't help but think that my Dad was up there, waiting for his oldest brother, ready to greet him into heaven.  Rest in Peace Uncle Pete.  xoxo

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