Palm Trees....

I have always loved Palm trees.  There's just something about the big leaves that tend to bring warm weather, blue water and sunshine.  And no matter the climate, it's always been exciting to have the Palm branch handed to me on Palm Sunday.  I remember laying under a really tall Palm tree on St. John thinking I was in paradise.  Many of the homes we have rented for vacations have been decorated with Palm trees which encouraged me to do our own bedroom with the Palm tree theme.

So, a few weeks ago when I was reading Joel Osteen's book during a flight and it talked about the Palm tree, I felt it was a message I couldn't ignore.  Here's how it goes -

And there you have it.  No question, this was a very fitting reading.  The Palms will continue to grow in our home and my blog header will forever contain a Palm tree.  "I will bend with hard times and then grow."  Amen.

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