Happy Halloween!

This year will be the 3rd annual TRUNK OR TREAT held at the Leetown United Methodist Church. Cierra started this back in 2009 and it has now become a tradition. Any of you that are local and want to come out, please do. Keep in mind that we average 8 - 10 cars and it's definitely worth stopping by. Most of the families dress up and there will be plenty of decorations....both scary and fun!

And while we're wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween, I have to share this....our family.....Halloween Style!

Don't they look great?! I have to admit that I have ALWAYS struggled with costumes and only ever once in a while would pull something out worthy of a prize. But from the looks of these, I'm proud to say that my children are 'very' creative!

Nice job guys!

Strawberry Shortcake it is!

This is by FAR my favorite little Trick or Treat'er'...this year =)

We ended up at a Halloween Party last night so the pics from that will be out soon. But....NONE touch this one, ha!


Very creative....

Whoever created "Tastefully Simply" was RIGHT on! I have loved their products for many years now and honestly, the name says it all. Very tasty, very simple. Bottom line.

I think this may be a Spring item but I actually just purchased a few weeks ago.

and normally, I have EVERYTHING that is needed but this one called for some sweet stuff =)

then in the oven the pan goes....

and 20 minutes later -

so yummy!

So if you're looking for some easy, yummy food, check out Tastefully Simple! We love 'em all....dips, soups, desserts, breads....


Over 40?! Well join the club and come along for some fun. HAPPY Friday....seems like it took a while to get here this week =)


I love this time of year and of course it can't be fall without hitting the Pumpkin Patch!
pumpkins were everywhere -

which made it easy to pick just the right one =)

And pretty much, FUN was had by ALL!

Happy Fall y'all!


Wordless Wednesday

Yep, there's a lot on my mind these days.....Prayers would be nice =)


PURE beauty -

A few weekends ago on our way to Knobhall, we came upon this -

And I didn't even have to ask....Ronnie pulled over knowing I wanted pictures =)

I love sunflowers and have NEVER seen a field like this! (I thought it worth sharing, ha!)


Sunday evening routine...

For the past 5 weeks, every Sunday evening we take these three -

to the pizza shop (Damian's Mom is the owner) and then she brings Chase and Cierra home after she closes up. But tonight, we took a little detour.

I have lived in the county for my entire life (and yes, I am as old as dirt=) but, I have never been to the original Hilltop House Hotel. Many of my high school friends talked of working there, chasing rats and washing dish after dish for a few dollars but I had never witnessed the view from this old, very popular place.

And the original Hilltop House, now looks like this...

very sad. Plans to implode are underway. But in the meantime, we took advantage of the photo op -

And of course, Chase wants to prove he can 'move' mountains, haha!

We heard sirens then quickly realized a water rescue was underway. We did let the MD state police helicopter that it wasn't us that needed help =)

What a perfect 'hide out' place and, it's just going to be more beautiful over the next few weeks once the Fall colors peak. Wow! Nice find!



I have been known to spend hours putting puzzles together......time just flies but I love to see progress, right in front of my eyes! So of course I LOVE it that Kayden enjoys spending time putting them together, over and over.

She has brought this puzzle the past few times. It's 3D and I struggle...it almost gets the best of me (lol)

And so what if it's missing a few pieces, haha....to her it is PERFECT!

But seriously, 3D or not, who wouldn't want to play with her?!

A new toy...

He waited, and waited, and waited then finally R&L Carriers called to say they were ready to deliver this -

It's pretty cool, actually. Unfortunately because of the rainy days we have had, his riding time has been limited but I think the weather will turn around tomorrow, giving him the weekend to ride, ride, RIDE!


Brotherly love.....

While there might be 13 years difference between our two boys, that doesn't mean they don't share the same interest and call on each other from time to time.

That's right...it might be fishing at dark for catfish or maybe even softball under the lights but when I texted them to make sure all was good Friday night and heard that Chase was helping out his brother, my heart smiled =)

He might not have been in 'uniform' but his heart was definitely in the game.

and making his way around the bases....

And this one?! Well, whether coaching...


or pitching -

he was always having fun!

We didn't get there until it was almost over but I was very happy to be able to witness these two playing on the same team.

And a "win", at that!

And, I definitely have to dig in the archives to find a picture of this guy holding Chase as a baby...and look now!

And to think, when we left these three home for the evening, we had NO idea they would end up at the ballfield =) I guess you just never know what the night brings, lol!


Here we go -

On Friday after the kids got on the bus Ronnie and I headed across the bay -

and for the first time EVER, we saw a kayak - brave souls.....

Sailboats were EVERYWHERE!

Very pretty and very obvious that a lot of 'water folk' take Friday off =)

I had plotted out the Chesapeake Wine Trail with our first stop here -

Then we took the shortcut -

Very quaint, with wines that we really liked...(not many we don't like, i know =)

And next up?!

And I have to admit this was my favorite time of the day...why you ask?! Because we had a special guest!

That's right. We told Nanny a few months ago that we were coming back to invited her to come along. This was her first 'local' winery visit. She has been to those in California. Wow...NAPA valley?! Very jealous. But, we loved spending the afternoon with her -

We did laugh a little bit about the 'personalities' and atmosphere but we had a great afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the scenery?! FABULOUS! Thanks Nanny for a great afternoon.