Here we go -

On Friday after the kids got on the bus Ronnie and I headed across the bay -

and for the first time EVER, we saw a kayak - brave souls.....

Sailboats were EVERYWHERE!

Very pretty and very obvious that a lot of 'water folk' take Friday off =)

I had plotted out the Chesapeake Wine Trail with our first stop here -

Then we took the shortcut -

Very quaint, with wines that we really liked...(not many we don't like, i know =)

And next up?!

And I have to admit this was my favorite time of the day...why you ask?! Because we had a special guest!

That's right. We told Nanny a few months ago that we were coming back to invited her to come along. This was her first 'local' winery visit. She has been to those in California. Wow...NAPA valley?! Very jealous. But, we loved spending the afternoon with her -

We did laugh a little bit about the 'personalities' and atmosphere but we had a great afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the scenery?! FABULOUS! Thanks Nanny for a great afternoon.

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  1. I've only been to one winery in California. I loved it!